The Value of a Visiting Author or Illustrator

One of the wonderful things about books are the authors and illustrators behind them.

Recently we had the utter pleasure of taking Katie and Kevin Tsang, authors of the Sam Wu is not afraid series, to local schools. Both children and staff were inspired by their engaging presentation.

In June, the National Literacy Trust published a report about the benefits author visits can have on children. Read the full report here. 

The opportunity to meet someone who makes a living from being creative lets children see that there is a reason to take time to improve their writing skills, read from a broad range of materials and research subjects.

There are many opportunities to bring authors into your school. You can register your interest in hosting a book tour organised by a publisher, take part in a book award that offers opportunities to meet authors during the awards ceremony or directly invite an author or illustrator to your school.

Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts
Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts

They will normally charge a fee for their time plus expenses – to save money there is always the option to collaborate with another local school and share the cost – but are definitely worth the money!

We have seen them entertain, sing songs, provide demonstrations, carry out workshops and much more, engaging pupils and leaving the school talking about the visit for weeks to come. Providing children with an opportunity to buy a book and have it personally signed will provide further inspiration.

You never know, your school might produce a future author or illustrator…

Our Education Resources Service are able to provide support and suggest authors to your school, if you would like further information on our service, please contact us.