Classroom solutions

Our comprehensive classroom-focused solutions, developed by educationists, cater to all your teaching needs, from assessment, curriculum, parent engagement, benchmarking, and everything in between. Let us help your school tackle challenges, improve outcomes, and raise standards.

Trust the education experts

Our education specific solutions empower you to improve learning outcomes, optimise school operations, and help your school or MAT reach its full potential.  

Progress and outcomes

Experience the power of Juniper Education, going beyond traditional progress tracking.

  • User-friendly and interactive pupil progress solutions that simplify formative and summative assessment and record learning evidence. 
  • Connects with curriculum planning and compares progress against national benchmarks.

Multi-School insights

Elevate your Multi-Academy Trust's performance with Sonar Multi-School. Gain invaluable insights into your trust's performance metrics, enabling informed decisions and adopting continuous improvement across your MAT. 

  • Comprehensive trust-wide insights
  • Targeted interventions for improved achievement
Targeted interventions for improved achievement

Rewards and recognition

Boost your rewards and school’s values with MarvellousMe. Positive behaviour points, House points, digital badges and parent pride delivered in ‘tap, tap, ping!’ 

  • Fully customisable to your school’s values, rewards, learning powers and well-being actions. 
  • Automatically includes parents in their child’s achievements, inspiring powerful home reinforcement.

Essential training and development

Help education professionals to excel through our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and training. 

  • Courses created with primary schools in mind. 
  • Expert-led training sessions.

Classroom success stories

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School's Seamless Transition to Sonar Tracker

Bursley Academy: Bridging the gap between teacher-parent communications

Complete answers for primary schools

When it comes to pupil attainment, you need the best software and expert guidance to inform your decisions and support your teaching strategies.

Stories of success

We've helped primary schools and MATs, just like yours, achieve classroom success through our complete solutions.

With a full return to the classroom at the beginning of March, it was immediately obvious that we needed to prioritise reading and writing. We used the Sonar Curriculum platform to identify gaps and create a whole-school reading and writing focus. It’s worked wonderfully, particularly with regard to improving vocabulary, writing stamina and reading fluency.
Joanna Connelly Headteacher, Silkmore Primary Academy
Our experience of moving to Juniper Horizons has been painless and teachers are really positive about the change. We’re now looking at expanding our use of the assessment and parental communication tools in the system to save even more time for staff.
Jonathan Bean Head of School, Churchfield Primary School
Our digital awards give all children the chance to be recognised for the great things they achieve every day, rather than the same few pupils gaining awards.
Callum Martin Sir Thomas Wharton Academy
One of the benefits of MarvellousMe is that teachers can share the good news with parents as it happens. Children are motivated by the praise received from parents, and you can see that the incentive of getting a MarvellousMe badge improves the child’s effort, commitment and focus. There’s a positive impact in the classroom and at home.
Simon Cassell Deputy Headmaster, Our Ladies Preparatory School (OLPS) and Nursery

All the answers under one roof

As your education partner, we provide comprehensive classroom solutions all in one place, ensuring we have all the answers you need to succeed. 

  • Big-impact solutions without the workload. 
  • Raise standards and improve learning outcomes. 
  • Make evidence-based decisions with confidence.