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First-hand experiences from secondary schools liberating more Child-Time.

“Sisra Analytics has become part of everyday life here at Eggar’s School, changing how we look at achievement data and how we use it to enhance attainment and progress. It’s now hard to imagine life without it.”
Neil Waite
Assistant Headteacher, Eggar’s School

An invaluable tool for intervention – Eggar’s School

“On Results Day, Sisra Analytics comes into its own. Data can be input easily and quickly, giving us instant headline stats. The system has also given us instant accurate value-added scores.”

A school awards platform with inclusion at its heart – Sir Thomas Wharton Academy

Recognising and rewarding every child’s achievements – not just the few.

“Our digital awards give all children the chance to be recognised for the great things they achieve every day, rather than the same few pupils gaining awards.”
Callum Martin
Sir Thomas Wharton Academy
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School data analysis solution for KS3, KS4 & KS5

Sisra Analytics is the ultimate flexible school data analysis solution for KS3, 4 & 5. Allowing you to track and analyse your achievement data easily, quickly and accurately, Analytics directly enhances the day-to-day working life of you and your colleagues, whilst helping to drive school performance and improvement.

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Finance, Payroll, HR, Governance, Risk and Compliance

As educationalists and specialists we support over 10,000 schools to manage their core functions including education finance, school payroll, school HR, governance and more.

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Secondary School Websites

A website isn’t just a website. It’s the first thing prospective parents and staff will look at when they want to find out more about your school or trust. So, when you want to make a good first impression you want a website that showcases your school and portrays your unique values.