Latest website lives: March 2024

We've got a great selection of brand-new website designs that have recently gone live! Check out our top projects launched in March, featuring schools and trusts round around the country. 


A school website is often the first interaction and insight parents, students, and prospective staff have with a school, so if you want to make a positive and impactful first impression, it’s important to get it right.  

Juniper works closely with schools to create personalised and professional school websites that match their needs and help them shine online, just like the school websites we’ve selected to feature in our ‘latest website lives’ feature this month.  

Below, our team of expert education website designers has chosen some of the great school websites we launched in March that are memorable for all the right reasons.

Ringwood School   

Ringwood School 
Ringwood's website offers a clear user journey, presenting its design in straightforward blocks down the page. A modern and simplistic overall layout effectively emphasises the school's key areas of interest. Notably, the website's standout feature is the impressive house points section, which utilises a modern hover effect to showcase the house logos in vivid detail, highlighting the uniqueness of each house and its logo designs.  

Woodsetton School Woodsetton School

Woodsetton School’s website is a really great example of a simple yet effective school website. The clean layout of the homepage allows the background video to be the focal point, conveying the message effortlessly. Furthermore, the sidebar links offer quick and easy navigation to the website's essential areas while showcasing the school's logo and branding.  

St Silas CE Primary SchoolSt Silas CE 
Part of the Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust, St Silas CE Primary School’s website demonstrates how a school website can remain connected to the trust while showcasing the school's unique identity. The website has a modern design with clear and polished styling that enhances the visibility of the content. Moreover, the subtle rainbow animation along the borders gives the website some stand-out flare. 

Finham Park School   Finham Park School 

This school website is a great example of how a simple website design can feel modern and engaging. The gentle curves and soft edges emphasise the school's warm and inviting nature while maintaining a professional look. Furthermore, using watermarks throughout the site brings the school's branding to life, integrating its elements seamlessly into the design. 

Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School 

 Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School 
This school website is modern, clean, and easy to navigate. Not only is all the information easily accessible down the page, but the school's branding and shapes are brought to life through decorative elements and clear photography throughout the design.  

Trust-wide website package

Soke Education Trust Soke Education Trust  

The website design for Soke Education Trust demonstrates how to create a professional, modern, and unique website. Every aspect of the design was carefully chosen to reflect the trust's ethos and consistent branding. The use of muted tones and the absence of bright white backgrounds create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The bold colours and playful iconography also add a sense of fun and imagination. 

Alderman Jacobs School Alderman Jacobs School  

This website showcases how a school can maintain a connection to the main trust website while giving it a fresh look simply by changing colours and logos. Keeping the style and brand consistent creates a sense of unity among the schools connected to the trust while allowing each school to maintain its individual identity and have a website tailored to its specific needs.  

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