Parents who are engaged in the educational progress of their children will help encourage them to drive themselves to even greater success. But schools and educational bodies have their own part to play in inspiring that engagement by giving parents greater access to key information regarding their child.

We help support this inspiration on two fronts: through Sonar Awards, where parents can chart their child’s achievements, and through PrimarySite, which can help you make parent communications clearer, quicker, and easier than ever before. With our help, you can make parents as important a part of education as teachers – and even the pupils themselves.

Primarysite school website

Clear, fast parent communication.

Parents expect schools to deliver speed and transparency in how they communicate important information about their children and their education. This can be difficult to manage across hundreds or even thousands of parents, but PrimarySite takes away the strain. We provide coordinated parent comms services across text, email and mobile apps and more to help you make sure that every parent is always kept up-to-date.

With Primarysite’s background in education and marketing, we can help you develop a website and marketing tools that reflect your unique values and vision.

Sonar Awards Digital Badges

Create, share, celebrate.

Parents are invested in the progress of their children and want to check up on their success regularly. Our Sonar Awards solution displays their achievements on a single digital platform, where certifications, qualifications, recognitions and memberships can be charted through bespoke digital badges. Parents can access their own child’s “digital backpack” at any time, and share in the satisfaction and joy of learning.

Stories of Success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Juniper solutions.

Explore their experiences here, and see how you can encourage a new level of engagement from the parents of every child you educate.