South Bromsgrove High School: Utilising Data Analytics for Enhanced Educational Outcomes

In the evolving education landscape, keeping track of student progress and promptly identifying learning gaps have emerged as crucial factors in enhancing student outcomes. South Bromsgrove High School, a leading educational institution in the UK, is a testament to this.

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South Bromsgrove High School

In the evolving education landscape, keeping track of student progress and promptly identifying learning gaps have emerged as crucial factors in enhancing student outcomes.


South Bromsgrove High School, a leading educational institution in the UK, is a testament to this. The school has been utilising Sisra Analytics as a cornerstone of its student progress tracking for over five years. The efficacy of this approach was recognised in their ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection rating in April 2023. As the report underlined: 

“Curriculum leaders identify the key knowledge that pupils need to learn to build future knowledge … Most teachers check what pupils know well and ensure that pupils understand what they must do.”     

              – Ofsted Inspection Report of South Bromsgove High School, April 2023

Strategic Approach to Student Progress Tracking

Deputy Headteacher Ian shed light on the significant role that Sisra Analytics plays at South Bromsgrove High School in ensuring that each student’s academic and developmental targets are met throughout each unique academic year. According to him, Sisra Analytics provides a robust platform that drives conversations around student progress and target tracking within the school. The data collected with three assessment rounds each year is promptly uploaded to Sisra, forming the basis for detailed discussions with subject leaders. Ian explains:

“I have individual meetings with each subject leader following the assessment round, where we delve into the data, compare assessments, and pose questions based on the initial analysis I run through Sisra. This data-driven approach forms the backbone of our strategic planning.”

Tailored Interventions: A Department-Specific Focus

The school’s data-centric approach extends to the finer aspects of each department’s needs. Ian mentions,

“We go to an individual department and diagnose with that department which group of students may need more support or may not have made the required progress.”

This ensures that every student’s unique needs are considered, leading to a more personalised and effective learning experience.

Sisra Analytics: A Critical Tool for Results Day

Sisra Analytics also plays a pivotal role on results day. Ian shares,

“The data goes in on Wednesday, so we know what we’re facing then for Thursday.”

This ensures that the school is well-prepared to navigate results day, allowing them to draw immediate comparisons across the school and strategise accordingly.

Employing the Subject Progress Index (SPI)

Another feature of Sisra Analytics that South Bromsgrove High School finds beneficial is the Subject Progress Index (SPI). The SPI has proved instrumental in their exam review process and strategy development, providing an effective basis for discussions with subject leaders. Ian said,

“The SPI has always been a strong discussion point. It presents a clear comparison between our students and similar students nationally, encouraging a constructive dialogue on how to improve outcomes.”

Reports to Help Identify Outliers

The ability to identify and support outliers within Sisra Analytics also deserves special mention, as it is key to identifying students with complex issues that could impact the overall school data. Identifying such outliers allows for the design and implementation of targeted interventions. Ian explains,  

“It helps us to accurately monitor progress and swiftly work on those areas that need immediate attention.” 

A Success Story: From South Bromsgrove High to Your School

In conclusion, South Bromsgrove High School’s adoption and use of Sisra Analytics underscore the power and necessity of data analysis in shaping educational outcomes. It is an exemplary model of how schools can leverage such a tool to ensure that every student’s academic journey is successful and fulfilling. It’s an invitation for all schools to see how they can benefit from Sisra Analytics.

The journey of South Bromsgrove High School inspires educational institutions everywhere to embrace the power of precise data analysis in enhancing student outcomes. It is a testament to the profound impact of tools like Sisra Analytics in ensuring that every student’s academic journey is tailored for success.

Key Takeaways

  • Sisra Analytics provides a powerful tool for assessing student progress and setting targets, facilitating meaningful discussions between the senior leadership team and subject leaders.
  • The school uses Sisra Analytics during its three annual assessment rounds, enabling them to run comparisons and identify trends in student progress. This data-driven approach allows for timely interventions and strategic planning.
  • On results day, Sisra Analytics plays an indispensable role. It provides an immediate overview of student performance, enabling the school to draw comparisons across the county and plan accordingly.
  • Sisra Analytics’ Subject Progress Index (SPI) provides an effective basis for conversations with subject leaders. The SPI has proved pivotal in their exam review process and strategy development.
  • The Outlier Function in Sisra Analytics is instrumental in identifying students with complex issues that could affect the overall school data. This function allows for the implementation of targeted interventions.

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