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The future of MIS is here

Current MIS solutions claim to do everything but still don't fully meet schools' needs. They promise consolidation but only plug gaps instead of providing comprehensive solutions. Schools need a better system that simplifies control, permissions, and workflows. Juniper’s MIS is here to do just that! Our solution offers flexibility, integration, and innovation that keeps up with the growth and evolving needs of schools and MATs.   

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Expect flexibility, integration, and innovation
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The current MIS problem

Integration rather than consolidation

Many MIS attempt to be an all-in-one solution, promising consolidation that compromises what many schools expect or want.  

Schools are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Consolidating all school operations into one MIS increases vulnerability to cyber threats, as a single system failure or hack risks all linked data. 


Specialist support is not always available

Current MIS solutions often lack specialised support, leaving schools without expert guidance for handling specific challenges.  


MIS change is coming

Foundational layers for control, permissions, and workflows 

Join up your existing technology solutions, ensuring compatibility and harmony.

Key person insight reports, helping your team make informed decisions.

Fulfil statutory obligations - from DfE returns to GDPR compliance.

No duplicate systems, no double payments – making your budget go further.

Expert guidance and dedicated support from education specialists.

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