East Sheen Primary School: An Outstanding Ofsted Rating with Help from Juniper Assessment Tracker

In April 2023, East Sheen Primary School celebrated the exceptional achievement of receiving an ‘Outstanding' Ofsted inspection grade. The inspector’s report praised the school’s proficient assessment strategy.


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East Sheen Primary School

In April 2023, East Sheen Primary School celebrated the exceptional achievement of receiving an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection grade.

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The inspector’s report praised the school’s proficient assessment strategy:

“Teachers meticulously check what pupils have learned. They are to pick up and resolve any misconceptions.”

The school’s use of Juniper Assessment Tracker significantly contributes to this remarkable accomplishment. We recently spoke with the school’s headteacher, Harry, to delve deeper into how Juniper Assessment has transformed assessment at East Sheen Primary.

  • Detailed end-of-year data analysis is significantly more efficient and comprehensive than traditional methods.

  • Effective tracking of foundation subject progress allows subject leaders to demonstrate an understanding of pupils’ achievements confidently.

  • The ability to report accurately to governors leads to an increased awareness of areas requiring focus, such as Key Stage 1 writing, year three writing, and year five writing.

  • An essential tool in the assessment process utilising the Juniper Benchmarking report to measure pupils’ subject understanding compared to their peers and nationally.

A Data-Driven Approach to Outstanding Assessment

“One of the things that we found particularly useful with Juniper Assessment Tracker is how we report data to governors.”

East Sheen Primary School has been proactively using Juniper Assessment Tracker for several years, focusing on reporting data to governors. The school also utilises the Juniper Benchmarking report to gain a broader perspective on its local and national standing. This has played a critical role in highlighting potential areas of concern and validating data in the school’s Inspection Data Summary Report.

Enhancing Broader Curriculum Assessments

“Being able to use the different reports has been really, really useful in terms of highlighting particular groups that are underperforming.”

Traditionally, East Sheen Primary used Juniper Assessment Tracker mainly for reading, writing, maths, and to some extent, science. However, leading up to the Ofsted inspection, the school began using the Steps progress feature for their broader curriculum subjects. This allowed subject leaders to
understand student progress across the board comprehensively. The formative assessment of these foundation subjects played a significant role in securing their ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating.

Unifying Data for Enhanced Understanding

“Where some other schools have been pulled up for not having that assessment for foundation subjects, the fact that we can still do our formative assessment in the foundation subject, but then we’ve got a way to record them on Juniper Assessment Tracker that was quite useful.”

A large primary school with 600 pupils, East Sheen Primary values the ability to unify all data in one place. The easy generation of various reports and the ability to track data efficiently ensures that the staff is on top of the data. This consistent awareness, aided by Juniper Assessment Tracker, has been vital in maintaining high pupil progress and assessment standards.

Addressing Pupil Premium and SEN Overlap

“It is really useful just to be able to click a button and get all of your reports. Whether that’s progress or age-related expectations, the Diminishing Differences report is the one that I’ve really liked this year.”

East Sheen Primary has a high proportion of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils. The ability to highlight pupil-premium children categorised as SEN has been particularly beneficial. This allows the school to better understand and cater to these overlapping groups’ unique needs.

Using Juniper Assessment Tracker, East Sheen Primary School has demonstrated a data-driven, meticulous approach to pupil assessment and progress tracking. This has undoubtedly contributed to their ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating and continues to guide their relentless pursuit of excellence.