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We help schools and Academy Trusts go from strength to strength. Our school education management systems and services are proven to help with a wide range of requirements. 

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Why work with us

We understand that it’s the people that make our company great, which is why we always look to invest in continuous training and professional development, ensuring you stay at the top of your game. 

We also know that it’s vital to get the work-life balance right, so we offer remote and flexible work opportunities to meet the diverse needs of our people. If you’re happy, we and our customers are happy too!  

Our inclusive and supportive company culture promotes a sense of belonging, where you can collaborate with like-minded individuals passionate about making a real impact in education. 

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Join us for the chance to elevate your career and become part of our ever-growing ‘Juniper family’.

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The cornerstone of our success as it enables us to collectively harness diverse perspectives and strengths, ensuring that together, we achieve more than we could ever do alone. Every voice counts!

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Equipping everyone with the tools, intelligence, connections, and freedom to make informed decisions, recognised and respected by all.

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Delivering meaningful solutions with expertise and creative thinking to influence the ever-changing world of education. 

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Because we love what you do, you’re at the heart of everything we do. 

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Supporting everyone to reach their highest potential, thereby enabling all children to achieve theirs.

What our people say

We believe we’re a fantastic company to work for, but don’t just take our word for it - hear what our people have to say! 

As someone who has been with the company for 15 years, I have witnessed their commitment to investing in their employees and supporting their professional growth firsthand.
Andy Coy Head of customer support
I came back to the company due to the nature of the job, which I love! I have the ability to work from home and there's also flexibility around my long term health condition.
Anna Skibinska Customer Service Agent
Within the engineering teams and throughout the company as a whole, it’s been great to see support for women in tech in the diversity of our engineering teams.
Cathy Wrenhold Principal Engineer
Having worked at Juniper for almost a year now, I can say that it is truly an exceptional place to work. I‘ve managed to hit the ground running due to the support and guidance of my colleagues.
Joe Darbyshire Business Development Executive
From the start of my career here I really felt I could trust my managers and colleagues and that was reciprocated. I have been strongly supported and I really feel our opinions are taken on board.
Lily Brown HR Service Manager

Work with us

Working at Juniper isn’t about having a job. It’s about being part of a family. We help and support each other to achieve greatness and strive for better.