Sonar Curriculum – The Journey So Far

Exciting plans ahead

The Concentric Curriculum joined the Juniper Education Group late in 2020.

Here at Juniper, we’re committed to providing schools with the best software to support effective education, improve outcomes for learners and give teachers back more Child-Time. As a result, The Concentric Curriculum will be an integral part of our NEW Sonar Suite – a combined solution of Sonar Curriculum, Sonar Tracker and Sonar Awards.

Our combined teams and expertise can deliver schools more. The future holds exciting plans of new curriculum resources, complete curriculum and tracker synchronisation and much more! But more on that later; for now let’s catch you up…

Where did it all begin?

Here, the co-founder of The Concentric Curriculum shares their journey so far…

"When The Concentric Curriculum was launched back in 2018, we truly had no idea we would be embarking on such an exciting journey! The concept was the result of a deep desire to empower school leaders and teachers to deliver the Primary National Curriculum in a coherent and manageable way. For too long, we ourselves as school leaders had struggled with fragmented curriculum designs, reaching for ‘sticking plaster’ schemes in a bid to plug gaps in subjects, particularly the foundation subjects. The workload was overwhelming and, for most schools, didn’t produce the results they were after for either staff or children.

So that’s where we stepped in

Our sole focus was to facilitate the creation of a coherent, comprehensive curriculum that enabled cumulative fluency across all subjects. After many years in the primary sector, as both teachers and leaders, we were clear about the criteria for our model. It needed to provide:

  • a rigorous, robust framework upon which leaders and teachers could map their implementation opportunities
  • a vast range of supporting materials to facilitate effective design and delivery
  • an in-built tool to allow schools to create an entirely bespoke model that reflected their school’s identity

After years of working on the product behind the scenes, we were delighted to launch in 2018, with our digital platform following in June 2020. Now, being part of Juniper Education, we can’t wait to take the model to the next level – Sonar Curriculum.

What’s in it for you?

To ensure we get it right at every level, we prioritise listening to our customers to find out what works well for them. The most common feedback is that the platform is simple and straightforward to use; the structure of the model makes it easy to track progress across all subjects; and schools can create an entirely bespoke curriculum that reflects their identity and community.

However, the greatest feedback, as far as we’re concerned, is that schools tell us that using our curriculum design platform saves staff and leaders hours and hours of time. It reduced workload and frees staff up to do what they love best: focus on the pupils.

Let’s face it: that’s why we do it, isn’t it? We do it because, as educators, we’re committed to providing our pupils with the best learning experiences, day in and day out.”