curriculum design doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

We know curriculum design can be overwhelming, especially with increasing workloads and an ever-changing educational landscape. We also know that some primary leaders and teachers often work with a fragmented, disjointed curriculum that lacks coherence and clarity.

We can help. Every primary school is unique, and we’ll enable you to build the right curriculum for your teachers, leaders and pupils. Sonar Curriculum enables leaders to lead and teachers to teach!

Why teach subjects when you can grow experts?

In the primary sector, foundation subjects can often end up diluted through a thematic or topic-based approach. Children can find it hard to articulate which area of the curriculum they are focusing on.

With Sonar Curriculum, children are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to become experts in all areas, with cumulative fluency built into every subject.

Bett Awards 2022 Finalist

Your new primary curriculum design solution

Sonar Curriculum - More Clarity, Flexibility, and Creativity

More Clarity, Flexibility and Creativity

Clarity on curriculum intent. Flexibility in implementation. Allow teacher creativity to thrive whilst every key subject element naturally falls into place.

Sonar Curriculum - No Child Left Behind

No Child
Left Behind

Sequential building blocks that take every child upwards across every subject.

Sonar Curriculum - No More Weak Links

No More
Weak Links

Arm non-expert colleagues with brilliant ideas to support their teaching.

Sonar Curriculum - No More Conflicting Agendas

No More
Conflicting Agendas

Every subject automatically and organically gets its fair share of attention.


About Sonar Curriculum

Sonar Curriculum is an innovative way of designing and delivering the curriculum across your school through a robust, rigorous framework. Objectives across all subjects are sequenced and standardised to ensure progress and enable children to build on prior knowledge.

It provides clarity around curriculum intent while allowing flexibility around implementation, allowing leaders and teachers to create a curriculum that exactly matches the needs of their community.

Sonar Curriculum - Map Maker and Curriculum Toolkit

There are three key options. Our Map Maker tool and Curriculum Toolkit enable you to build your own bespoke, context-specific curriculum maps based on the needs of your children and community.

Also, there are two fully resourced and planned implementation opportunities. 

The Subject-Specific Curriculum targets a smaller number of curriculum areas with units of learning lasting between 2-4 weeks. The Thematic Curriculum encompasses a more significant number of curriculum areas with units of learning lasting approximately six weeks.

“Sonar Curriculum is really flexible for schools and MATs. You can use it to build a new curriculum, but equally, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel or change your current curriculum design if you don’t need to. It will quality-assure your current provision and enable you to plan, organise, present and store your curriculum easily in one place for a really coherent whole-school approach.”
Anna Gregory
Director of Curriculum, Juniper Education
Allow Teachers to Focus on Teaching

Allow Teachers to Focus on Teaching

Help teachers reduce their workload with thousands of online resources, providing a wide selection of high-quality materials that complement specific themes and areas:

  • Learning sequences
  • Planning templates
  • Tasks and activities
  • Vocabulary mats and feedback stickers
  • Key questions
  • Writing exemplars and research booklets
  • Book covers
  • And more!

Creating a coherent and bespoke curriculum – Silkmore Primary Academy

Follow one school’s journey through curriculum design and discover how Sonar Curriculum has supported the process.

“The model doesn’t overcomplicate; it presents really complex thinking in an accessible, straightforward way. Staff have loved it from the beginning because they could see how it supported and facilitated their thinking around the curriculum. One teacher said it was a ‘lightbulb’ moment for her.”
Joanna Connelly
Headteacher, Silkmore Primary Academy


We have a new approach – we’re combining our brand-new Sonar Tracker and embedding it with a brilliantly designed curriculum framework, Sonar Curriculum, and linked mechanisms for sharing pupil’s learning progress with parents, automatically – Sonar Awards.

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