See the Invisible, Sooner

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, not all pupils achieve their maximum potential.

The problem is we discover this too late, yet the signs were probably there, buried in the data.

The sooner we spot the child on the margins, the greater our impact on the individual and through them on whole-school-effectiveness.

Achieving this demands a pupil tracker that has your pupils at the centre. A tracker that raises and answers the right questions when it counts.

We know teaching is more than just a job to you, so this is more than just software.

Welcome to Juniper Sonar.

The most effective early warning tracker designed to win you more Child-Time.

Time that you can use to make a difference on outcomes and opportunities for improvement.


Juniper Sonar is different.

With pupils at its centre, it is all about teacher-first usability and real-world classroom impact. That means its rich features are used more and deliver more.

Tools for Teaching

Sonar - See More
‘See-More’ Simplicity

Discover more patterns across your class, school or MAT so you know where best to target interventions.

Sonar - Customise
‘My-Pupils’ Customised

Working with you, not prescribing, to achieve a tailored complete-answers solution specifically for your school and setting.

Sonar - Automation
Dynamic Automation

Our academic experts drive the Teacher-first design and develop constant updates to keep you in sync with DfE changes.

Sonar - Support
‘On-side’ Support

From first contact to day-to-day support we make sure you and your teams get and stay on-board with Sonar.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Juniper Sonar has been built using the combined expertise and experience of the teams behind Target Tracker, OTrack, Classroom Monitor, and Pupil Asset.

Preferred by nearly 8,000 schools, these products have built an enviable reputation both for performance and support.

Sonar brings together the key strengths of each tracker along with some brilliant new features and even more powerful reporting to deliver a solution that truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

See the Unseen

Sonar is like nothing else out there.

Juniper are the only company able to offer complete-answers, not just technology, or just advice. Our educational expertise and depth of experience allow us to support you with every facet of maximising pupils’ outcomes.

Sonar has been built with your whole school in mind, every tool, menu and report deliver more.

Why run three reports when the relevant information could be delivered in one?

Sonar brings the answers to the surface.

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