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Welcome to Child-First, Data Second Thinking.

We’ve created a brand new, online pupil progress tracker. We’ve combined it with an effective curriculum framework and a system that shares pupils’ progress with parents.

A Real Driver of Whole-Child Outcomes

We’ve created a real driver of whole-child outcomes by combining all 3 components into a single solution.

It is so much more than just a tracker of pupil progress (but of course – it does that too!)

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Curriculum excellence

Grow a new generation of subject enthusiasts through integrated curriculum alignment.

It’s all about teacher-first usability and real-world classroom impact with pupils at its centre.

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Teachers in picture

Bring it all together into actionable Whole-Child teacher insights.

Driving interventions is easier because priorities are visible to you and your teachers.

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Parents on-side

The natural child-parent-school link we’ve all been waiting for.

Share pupils’ achievements in a new and exciting way so parents are in the know.

Ensure every child in YOUR school is ready to be their best

Sonar Curriculum - suitable for any device

A completely new way of designing and delivering the curriculum across your school.

Sonar Curriculum offers clarity on curriculum intent and flexibility in implementation – helping you know that your curriculum design is robust and that the teaching and learning experiences will deliver engaging content to the pupils.

Be ready for Ofsted’s questions on curriculum intent and implementation with sequential building blocks to help children find a passion for subjects while allowing teacher creativity to thrive.

Sonar Tracker - suitable for any device

Drive more classroom impact.

Sonar Tracker is our brand new pupil assessment and progress tracker with teacher-usability at its core. Teachers can drive meaningful interventions that make a difference with powerful insights and analytics.

Early warning signs can go unnoticed, buried deep in your school’s data.

Realising the potential for every child is at the core of Sonar Tracker, raising and answering the right questions when it counts.

Sonar Awards Digital Badges

Your answer to the age-old challenge of achieving meaningful and effective parental participation in their child’s learning.

Sonar Awards is an innovative digital badging platform that enables you to recognise, reward and motivate your pupils in an easy, straightforward way that really works!

With digital badges, you can recognise and reward every pupil for all the great things they achieve in and out of school, engage parents & families, reward your staff and evidence achievements effectively.

Amazing Value

You may be surprised… Our combined solution is amazing value at a similar price to that of your existing tracker. Complete the form below to receive a quote and find out more.