What is Sonar Curriculum?

Sonar Curriculum is an online, comprehensive solution to your primary curriculum design and comprises a multitude of materials for curriculum mapping, short and medium planning and resources to support the delivery of effective teaching and learning.

Sonar Curriculum provides the robust, rigorous framework which underpins any coherent curriculum design and is the starting point for any implementation opportunity.

Through standardised and sequenced objectives across every strand of every subject, skills, knowledge and understanding are deliberately mapped to ensure cumulative fluency across the primary phase.

Sonar Curriculum provides leaders and teachers with a concise framework of coverage, pitch and sequence for all core and foundation subjects.

Create a bespoke model for your school

As every individual school’s context is different, Sonar Curriculum offers flexibility around curriculum mapping and implementation.

Using Sonar Curriculum as the starting point, the implementation options are as follows:

Subject-Specific Curriculum

A smaller number of curriculum subjects covered over 2 – 4 weeks

In the Subject-Specific Curriculum, all objectives are mapped against a unit of learning which covers a small number of curriculum areas and typically lasts between 2 – 4 weeks.

With this model, each year group is provided with long, medium and short-term planning e.g. curriculum maps, standardised objectives, synopses, learning sequences and resources. Each unit of learning provides purposeful and engaging content for learning and ensures a broad and balanced curriculum over the course of an academic year. Well-structured and deliberate mapping allows for focused leadership activity and CPD, and also ensures depth of understanding in targeted curriculum subjects.

Sonar Curriculum - Subject Specific Curriculum

Thematic Curriculum

A broader range of curriculum subjects covered over 6 weeks

The Thematic Curriculum model encompasses a larger number of curriculum areas organised into themes, each of which lasts approximately 6 weeks.

This model provides teachers with long, medium and short-term planning, including year group curriculum maps, standardised objectives, synopses, learning sequences and resources. Using this approach, pupils are exposed to a wider number of subjects over the course of a half term, all of which are revisited and embedded from theme to theme. This approach offers a broad and balanced curriculum over the course of a year and a key stage.

Sonar Curriculum - Thematic Curriculum

Map Maker

An in-built function to facilitate the creation of a school’s own curriculum, built on sequenced and standardised objectives across all subjects

Map Maker provides schools with the facility to design their own bespoke curriculum, safe in the knowledge their curriculum design is based on the appropriate sequenced and standardised objectives across all subjects.

Using Sonar Curriculum’s core materials and objectives as a starting point, Map Maker enables leaders and teachers to create their own curriculum maps, topics or themes, and short-term planning.

In addition, leaders and teachers may wish to select elements of the existing Sonar Curriculum materials when creating their own curriculum content.

This user-friendly, intuitive process allows staff to store curriculum maps and topic plans / units of learning on the digital platform, where they can be adapted and changed before being saved in PDF format. These can then be printed and used to guide teaching and learning and to evidence your curriculum intent and implementation to Ofsted.


Sonar Curriculum allows you to design a curriculum that covers all the bases and helps pupils build on gained knowledge over time.