Curriculum Design Across a Trust

Curriculum design across a Trust is often difficult to balance. A consistent, coherent approach whilst ensuring autonomy at school level.

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A Common Conundrum

Creating Trust Identity

When it comes to curriculum design across Trusts, there is often a difficult balance to be struck: adopting a consistent, coherent Trust-wide approach whilst ensuring autonomy at the school level. It can be a fine line to tread and often leaves Trust leaders in a tricky position to report on curriculum across their schools accurately.

Regardless of their size, Trusts strive to create a brand identity, a common fabric that runs seamlessly through their schools. Leaders spend a lot of time ruminating about vision and values and work hard to ensure that the schools in their jurisdiction reflect that identity in every respect. That’s what makes a Trust successful: a united, shared vision that is well understood, well embedded, and well-executed.

Every School Is Different…

However, this singular, unified approach can often be difficult to achieve in the realm of the curriculum.

Often, in an attempt to recognise and address the varied and sometimes complex contexts of different schools, Trust leaders hand over complete autonomy to individual school leaders when it comes to curriculum design. And whilst this allows for bespoke, context-specific delivery of teaching and learning, i.e. implementation, this school-by-school approach makes it nigh-on impossible to report on subjects across a Trust. How can we look at History across our Trust, for example, and gather accurate information when every school takes a different approach?

So, What’s The Solution?

  • The solution is an approach that facilitates a consistent, cohesive view of every subject in every year group and that underpins any implementation opportunity, no matter what the context.
  • The solution enables Trust leaders to compare ‘like-for-like’ across a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing them to identify areas of strength or weakness, and therefore plan for targeted Trust-wide CPD.
  • The solution ensures that a common language is being spoken within and across schools – by SLT, subject leaders and teachers.

The Solution Is…. Sonar Curriculum

Sonar Curriculum is an online curriculum design platform that provides clarity around intent but complete flexibility around implementation.

Through sequenced and standardised objectives across all subjects, cumulative fluency and progress are developed over the primary phase.

Children are given multiple opportunities to build on previous learning, commit this knowledge to long-term memory and make new connections.

The vast suite of materials and resources ensures a consistent, core provision concerning the curriculum. Still, those individual schools are free to decide how best to bring their design to life in a classroom. It really is the best of both worlds.

Benefits Abound

Using Sonar Curriculum leaves leaders free to lead and teachers free to teach. The workload is reduced, staff well-being is improved, and, crucially, outcomes for children are maximised.

Moreover, the features and structure of the digital platform address the three elements of Ofsted’s ‘quality of education’ judgement – intent, implementation and impact – ensuring that schools and Trusts are prepared for any external scrutiny.

Regarding data collection and assessment, all of the Sonar Curriculum objectives can be found within Juniper’s trackers – OTrack, Target Tracker, Classroom Monitor and Pupil Asset – and form the basis of our next-generation best-of-breed assessment system, Sonar Tracker.

The result is a fully aligned, fully integrated solution to all your curriculum needs.

Free Webinar – Your Curriculum: Are your Prepared?

This webinar is designed specifically for school and MAT leaders, subject leaders, and teachers to ensure that they are equipped to deliver a coherent, sequential, and fit-for-purpose curriculum against the backdrop of the pandemic and ever-changing guidance from the DfE and Ofsted. Our Director of Curriculum will lead the session to examine the key factors of effective curriculum design. We will look at the Sonar Curriculum platform in detail, understanding how it can support the planning process and allow leaders and teachers to build cumulative fluency and sequence across all subjects. We will also examine how to use the Map Maker function to create bespoke, context-specific curriculum designs.

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