Developing an Outstanding Curriculum

In light of the new Ofsted inspection framework, many schools are reviewing their curriculum and considering the Intent behind its design – what they aim to deliver and why. We all seek to provide an excellent education for pupils in our care and delivering an outstanding curriculum is an essential part of that. That, of course, raises the question What is an Outstanding Curriculum? The following is not an exhaustive list but, I would suggest, it is likely to be one which:

  • engages pupils and motivates them to learn
  • is challenging and aspirational
  • is relevant to the pupils
  • is fully inclusive
  • is broad and balanced
  • has clearly defined aims but is flexible at the point of delivery
  • has the key skills of literacy and numeracy at its core
  • emphasizes the importance of communication skills
  • draws on the local context including the environment, history and expertise
  • provides opportunities for pupils to engage purposefully with a range of technology
  • is delivered by inspirational and skilled teachers
  • imparts knowledge and develops skills, building on previous learning to ensure both are embedded.
  • prepares pupils for the next stage of their education and for life in modern Britain

As we think about the curriculum we need to keep these factors in mind to ensure that we create a vibrant learning community where all pupils are successful learners who are valued and able to thrive. If we are able to do that then the curriculum we offer will surely be an outstanding one.

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