Why Your School Needs a New Website in 2024

This blog highlights the importance of updating your school website in 2024 for improved online presence. It delves into aspects like brand identity, website upgrades, content management, parental engagement, and multimedia use. Our team of website experts offer practical tips and advice to help your school shine online this year. 


A new year, be it calendar or academic, offers the opportunity for a clean slate, setting new goals and creating an atmosphere of renewal. 

For schools seeking a fresh new website design in 2024, wanting to improve the online user experience for parents, or looking to produce a virtual tour, it’s never been easier to start a new website project and take your school website from good to great!  

Your school website is your digital front door, so make sure it’s welcoming and easy to navigate. Our team of school website experts have helped over 7,500 schools in the UK transform their online presence. Here are the best ways to keep parents and your school community engaged and excited about your school. 

Updating your brand  

Before undertaking a new school website design in 2024, it’s important to evaluate the effectiveness of your current brand identity, and you should consider the following:  

  • Is your school logo instantly recognisable? 
  • Do parents and your school community connect positively with your brand? 
  • Does your tagline accurately represent your school's values and ethos? 

If any answers lean towards 'no,' a brand refresh in the new year might benefit your school.  

It could be as straightforward as refining your logo to make it more versatile across marketing materials. Alternatively, a complete brand and marketing overhaul across your school or trust might be needed and would involve a new logo, brand guidelines, colour palette, and a new school website.   

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Upgrading your school website 

An upgrade may be in order due to a new headteacher or an outdated, unresponsive website. 

Whatever the reason, a new school website often serves as a showcase for potential parents and staff, boosting applications and raising visibility in the community.  

Besides a modern redesign, the advantages of a new school website in 2024 include content sharing, better security features, the latest technology, and faster loading times. Ensuring compliance with GDPR and accessibility settings also adds an extra layer of assurance. 

If a full website revamp isn't on the agenda, minor yet effective adjustments to your existing school website can still offer a new look. 


Refreshing your content 

Organising your sitemap and removing obsolete and outdated content helps maintain a clean, manageable website, which is essential for keeping parents and the wider school community informed whilst meeting DfE school website criteria. 

You may also want to consider syncing your in-school calendar (Microsoft, Google, MIS) with your school website's calendar to ensure parents stay informed about crucial dates, leaving no room for missed events. 

Implementing page reminders on your content management system will also help you to keep updated on policy changes. Simply update the page and set a reminder for 3/6 or 12 months. Log in and review the content when it triggers, making any required changes.  

It’s also good to try to adhere to search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices for your website content. It will improve your website rankings and elevate your visibility, helping you to stay ahead of your competition.  

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Improving parental engagement 

Your school website is one of the best ways to inform your parents and stakeholders of your school's good news and developments.  

Seamlessly share updates across various platforms, including your school website and social media accounts, via email, text, and mobile apps to save time and improve communication. Integrating your school website with communication tools streamlines processes, especially when syncing with MIS contact data. 

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Reviewing your multimedia 

Visual elements, such as pictures and imagery, leave a lasting initial impact that words alone cannot achieve. Utilising innovative multimedia on your school website, like photography, videography, and virtual tours, shows your school in its best light and offers a glimpse into daily life. 

Professional visuals on the homepage create a positive first impression while highlighting facilities, curriculum, and school visions and values, which help prospective parents in decision-making.   

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Putting your school website in the spotlight  

Now that the decision to enhance your school website in 2024 has been made let us help you make it happen.  

Juniper Education’s website and engagement solutions cater to all budgets and requirements, so get a free quote from an expert member of our school website team, and we can help you shine online.  

Or, download our latest school website upgrade checklist to take your school website from good to great in a few easy steps.