5 Steps to Planning Your New School Website

Our latest blog unveils a strategic roadmap for schools to craft an impactful online presence. This article navigates key elements essential for a successful website launch, from project planning to partnering with the right provider.


In this modern age, a school's website serves as its virtual front door, leaving a lasting impression on parents, pupils, and the wider school community. Planning a new school website is important to creating an effective online presence. Let's break down the process into five actionable steps for a seamless and successful journey. 

5 steps to success  

Step 1: Project planning 

Gather your project team, including key decision-makers, administrators, IT support, and possibly the school business manager. Define the purpose of your website, identify current pain points, and seek inspiration from other successful school websites. 

Step 2: Website brief agreement 

Create a comprehensive website brief outlining your requirements and priorities. Consider elements like social media integration, content management, event management, payment facilities, and accessibility. Prioritise a design that emphasises responsiveness and easy navigation. 

Step 3: Choosing the right partner 

Select a website provider with expertise in the educational environment. Look for examples of their work in a website portfolio and inquire about software ownership, hosting, and post-launch updates. Ensure the website is user-friendly for future maintenance and updates. 

Step 4: Contract review 

Carefully review the contract with your chosen provider, paying attention to ongoing maintenance and hosting fees. Understand the content management system (CMS) and how updates will be managed to maintain a smooth-running website. 

Step 5: Delivery plan 

Collaborate with your chosen website provider to create a project plan with key milestones, responsibilities, and a clear timeline. Regular check-ins and testing phases are crucial to staying on track. Ensure a comprehensive training and handover phase for seamless management. 


Embarking on a new school website project requires meticulous planning and execution. From defining your project goals to selecting the right partner, each step plays a crucial role in the success of your online platform. A well-thought-out approach ensures a user-friendly, informative, and engaging website for your school community. 

A well-planned and executed school website improves whole-school communication and parent engagement. Take the first step towards a successful online presence by following these five key steps. With Juniper Education by your side, your school's website will not only meet but exceed all expectations. 

School website experts that can help 

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