Start the new academic year with a new school website

As the school year winds down, consider launching a new website to start the next academic year strong. A modern, informative school website proves communication, attracts prospective parents and staff, and complies with regulations. Start planning your new school website today in time for September! 


As the end of the school year approaches, schools are starting to wind down and are looking forward to a much-needed rest and recuperation period. But did you know that now is a great time for schools to consider launching a brand-new website in time for the start of the new academic year?  

Your school website is more than just an online presence; it’s the digital face of your school. It plays a main role in attracting prospective parents and staff, improving parent engagement, and serving as a vital source of information for the whole school community. When put like that, a school website is actually pretty important!  

Juniper’s experts know their school websites  

Ryan Pummel, Head of Websites and Engagement at Juniper Education, appreciates the role a school website plays as an essential communication and engagement tool. With his experience as a chair of governors, Ryan understands firsthand the importance of school websites in meeting both Ofsted and DfE standards, as well as the aforementioned. In this blog, Ryan takes a moment from his busy schedule to share his insights on why now is the perfect time for schools to consider launching a new website before the academic year begins. 

Why is a school website so important? 

Put simply, a school, academy, or trust can't legally operate without one—it's essential for compliance with regulations and vital for sharing crucial information, but that’s not all.  

Your school’s website acts as the primary online source of information and serves as the "shop window" to showcase your school’s values, achievements, and offerings. It attracts prospective parents and staff by providing insights into daily school life, curriculum details, extracurricular activities, and admission procedures. Plus, it enhances communication with parents, pupils, and the community by making information clear and accessible. A school website is not just i; it can also be awesome.  

Why launch a new school website in September? 

Launching a new website at the beginning of the school year offers several advantages: 

A fresh start: A new website represents a fresh start for the school year. It features updated information, modern design, and improved functionality. This sets a positive tone for the upcoming year and makes a great first impression for new pupils' families and staff members. Additionally, it shows the school's dedication to continuous improvement for existing parents and staff. 

First impressions: First impressions matter, especially for prospective parents and staff exploring different schools. A well-designed and informative website can leave a positive and lasting impression, setting the tone for their expectations and perceptions of the school. 

Improved communication: An updated website at the start of the academic year improves communication by making information clear and accessible to parents, pupils, and the community, creating better engagement and transparency. 

Parent engagement: Parent involvement is important right from the start of the new school year. Schools should begin as they mean to go on. A user-friendly website helps parents stay engaged by making it easy to find important updates, calendars, and resources. 

Getting started 

The planning process should start now to ensure your new website is ready for the new school year. Key stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, and the IT team, can collaborate on content and multimedia over the summer break when the school is closed. This proactive approach allows for thorough planning and ensures the website meets everyone’s needs. 

Choosing the right website 

Deciding on the type of website your school needs can be daunting. Juniper offers a range of website solutions tailored to different budgets and requirements: 

Basic £: A quick and simple do-it-yourself setup with essential features can be completed in as little as 2 weeks, providing great value for money. 

Standard ££: Predesigned websites, existing branding, and a range of user-friendly features make this our most popular option for schools. The turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks, making it the ideal summer school holiday project. 

Premium £££: Fully customised designs complete with advanced features and tailor-made functionality; this solution is perfectly suited for well-funded schools and can be delivered in approximately 10-20 weeks. 

Whatever website your school wants and needs, there’s a solution to fit every budget and timeline, providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. 

Start as you mean to go on from September  

Launching a new school website at the start of the academic year is a smart investment. Set your school apart with a modern design, boost online communication, keep your parents happy, and meet all Ofsted and DfE requirements. 

Are you ready to take the next step? You can, in just a few simple clicks?  

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Or, if you need a bit more convincing, take a look at how we've supported schools, academies, and trusts just like yours.  

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