Spring cleaning: getting your records in order

New year, old records

It is a New Year and maybe time to think about Spring Cleaning, not just around the house, but in our stockpiles of paperwork too.

We can all be a little bit guilty of clinging onto that document ‘just in case’, however it is important to think about how long paperwork should be retained for.

So, when you can go into school, think about having a clear out of your paper records. And while you can’t get into school maybe you can start with any electronic records.

Cleaning up your records

Personnel files are essential records to hold and critical to keeping an up-to-date Single Central Record (SCR). However, over the years, files can get a bit cluttered. Action should be taken such as bundling contracts together for those with multiple jobs and ensuring the right documents are being destroyed such as:

  • Self-declaration criminal records forms
  • Equality monitoring forms

Take some time to organise your files to ensure your compliance with data retention rules and avoid holding onto paperwork unnecessarily.

Saving old CVs

2020 has been a different year for recruitment, with us all keeping our distance from each other and many of our job interviews being held online. It is key to remember that for unsuccessful candidates you must immediately dispose of:

  • Any copies of ID documents
  • Right to work documents

And then 6 months after the interview destroy:

  • Application forms
  • CVs
  • Letters
  • Interview notes

Only paperwork related to successful candidates should be retained on file.

Think about other workers

Volunteers are an essential part of the school and must undergo many of the same checks of employed staff. However, the same retention rules do not apply, and therefore, once a volunteer leaves their engagement, their records must be destroyed.

Third party workers should have had all checks undertaken, but the school should not hold copies of these documents. ID documents can be kept on record but again these should be destroyed once the individual stops working at the school.

And while you are at it, ensure individuals no longer engaged are removed from the SCR.