National Candy Month

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A Few of Our Favourite Things

It’s National Candy Month and because we all need a little distraction from today’s challenges, we’re thinking about some of our favourite things – chocolate, sweets and books. Linking reading to a specific theme is a great way to encourage children to read for pleasure with all of its academic and social benefits.

From Old Favourites to New Delicious Treats…

Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne

A gritty version of the favourite fairy tale where two children are lured to a tasty gingerbread house in the forest.

Pippi Longstocking Goes Aboard by Astrid Lindgren

A whole chapter is devoted to Pippi giving away 36 pounds of sweets in this fun adventure.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

This timeless favourite needs no introduction but is always worth another read.

Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate by Kes Gray

Daisy goes on an adventure to Chocolate Land with her hamster. What could possibly go wrong?

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders

Fantasy adventure where a family inherit a chocolate shop.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling

How can we forge Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Acid Pops, Blood-Flavoured Lollipops and Fizzing Whizzbees?

Do you Speak Chocolate? By Cas Lester

Jaz befriends Nadima a Syrian refugee with the help of a chocolate bar.

Helping Children Love Reading

As part of our commitment to helping children love reading for pleasure, we invite you to take part in our Juniper Education Book Awards. The Awards are designed to improve literacy, facilitate debate and encourage reading for pleasure among pupils at upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

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