8 ways schools have used our video resource centre

The growth in mobile technology over the last few years means that nearly all modern smartphones include a decent camera, so it’s easier than ever for schools to capture high-quality video footage at a low cost. We have seen schools that we work with utilise video in fantastic ways, using our video resource centre to host and share content. If you’re thinking of trying your hand at some filmmaking, but your school doesn’t know where to start, here are eight brilliant projects from the schools we work with to inspire you.

Learning and phonics

Videos can be highly practical and focused on learning techniques. Many of the schools we work with use video to aid home study by giving pupils access to the learning methods that are used in the classroom at home. It isn’t just pupils that benefit from these videos, either. Teaching styles have changed a lot through the years and videos like this can be a huge help to parents who are eager to help with their child’s education but are not familiar with how their child is being taught things like phonics and arithmetic.

Life skills

Videos focused on sharing knowledge don’t have to be restricted to learning in the classroom. Another practical application we have seen is sharing videos that cover broader life skills. The idea behind this is that pupils and parents are free to access the videos at any time and practice life skills at home, from road safety to making healthy treats and looking after the environment.

School events

With summer fast approaching, sports day, one of the most fun and exciting days in the school calendar, is just around the corner. Capturing events on video is an excellent way for everyone to feel involved, even if they are unable to attend, as well as forming a fantastic resource for pupils and their families to reminisce and see themselves in action! Of course, this idea is not limited to sports day, with assemblies, school plays and awards afternoons all providing opportunities to create and share content that the school community will treasure.

School trips and activities

In a similar vein to the previous example, videos are a perfect way to showcase school activities and clubs, as well as school trips. This type of content is not just fun for pupils to make and look back on; it is an opportunity to capture the things that make your school unique and can help give prospective pupils and their families a real picture of day-to-day life around the school.

Stories and singing

Creating and sharing a library of audio files can also be a great idea. One simple way that schools can create a fun resource is by recording both teachers and pupils reading stories and singing songs. We particularly love this idea because it’s a fun way to encourage the children to get involved with performing and reading aloud.

Podcasts and radio shows

Video and audio can be great for capturing memories, but it can also be a regular part of school life, as well as being a great learning experience for children to be involved in. Some schools have allowed pupils to make and share their own podcasts and radio shows, talking about their favourite hobbies and activities or sharing news on school events.

Welcome videos

If your school is looking for a fun and creative way to show potential new parents or staff members what school life is like, why not make a welcome video? This can be a great way to get a large number of pupils involved in creating a piece of content, bringing the school community together, and it also gives them the chance to share what they love about the school!

Short movies

Lights, camera, action! Continuing the theme of allowing pupils to explore filmmaking and demonstrate creativity, why not let your pupils try their hand at making some short films of their own? Some of the schools that we work with have been allowing pupils to make original, innovative short films, and we simply love the results.

Our video resource centre is a perfect place to publish and share content in a safe and secure environment that is entirely controlled by you. To find out more about how you could be using the video resource centre, get in touch with our team.

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