Juniper Education launches the 10 Day More Child-Time Project to free up time in primary schools

The 16th November 2020 marks the start of 10 working days dedicated to freeing up time in primary schools so teachers and school leaders have more hours each day to focus on children.

The 16th November 2020 marks the start of 10 working days dedicated to freeing up time in primary schools, so teachers and school leaders have more hours to focus on children each day.

On each day of the 10 Day More Child-Time Project, the education team at Juniper Education will share a set of free resources aimed at primary school leaders. Topics covered include how to reduce the marking burden for staff, simplify curriculum planning, improve wellbeing and help with supporting pupils through the pandemic.

The focus of the resources is on ease of use, with some tasks so straightforward that a headteacher can tackle them that same day. More in-depth suggestions are also provided for school leaders who wish to plan ahead for bigger changes over the course of this academic year.

Former school leader and Juniper Education’s chief marketing officer, Graham Cooper, said, “It is a critical time for primary schools and many school leaders and their teams are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do. Adapting to the changing circumstances of the pandemic has meant there is little space to take a breather and reflect on whether a task actually needs to be completed or if it can be done differently.

“Our education team, many of whom are former school leaders, have pulled together some easy wins to help headteachers cut out unnecessary tasks and simplify the necessary ones for staff.”

The launch of the 10 Day More Child-Time project coincides with Juniper Education’s announcement that it has rebranded its Pupil Asset management information system (MIS) as Juniper Horizons and plans to invest further in developing the product’s time-saving features. Day four of the 10 Day More Child-Time Project focuses specifically on time-saving tips for data management, as many teachers complain that this is one task that eats up time that could be better spent with their pupils.

The 10 Day More Child-Time Project is completely free to join and runs for ten working days from 16th to 27th November 2020. Each working day, school leaders receive an email with a selection of proven strategies for saving time.

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The Juniper Horizons MIS is used in nearly 500 primary schools and is the only management information system that has been designed with a classroom first rather than school office first approach in mind. It manages all the standard functions a school would expect from an MIS – recording assessment, attendance and behaviour information but in addition, places greater focus on making life easier for primary teachers, enabling them to see attendance and behaviour records at a glance, birthday notifications and other key details in a click or two. For more information, visit

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