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the only mis designed from the classroom back to the office.

For SIMS schools, the deadline for giving notice is the 31st December so if you’re looking for an alternative MIS, we can help provide all the information you need to make the right decision for your school.

Discover the
Child-First MIS

The only cloud-based school MIS uniquely engineered to prioritise and maximise classroom impact. Juniper Horizons provides you with the tools to run and make sense of your school, with more usable, high impact teacher-features than any other solution.


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Frontline design
The only MIS designed with the classroom
in mind.

A frontline design approach built for the classroom, back to the office… not the other way round.

Whole-Child insights
Whole-Child insights
and tools
for teachers.

Putting more real-time academic and pastoral impact tools at your teacher’s fingertips.

Tailored to your school
An MIS tailored
to your
school’s needs.

A solution that works specifically for your school, (not the other way round).

Quick and easy to switch
Quick and easy

Be future-ready in 7 days or less. Switching to Juniper Horizons is simple and hassle-free.

Switch to a future-ready MIS in under 7 days!

We know that the hardest part of the process is choosing to leave your current MIS provider, so once you’ve made that decision, our team will take Full-Responsibility to make it easy for you. You can be certain that you made the right decision, moving to a company that cares about your school.

“The migration was easy and pain-free. I didn’t get involved at all – my PA managed the whole thing seamlessly. The process was very smooth. And the Support Team were always on hand to answer any questions.”

First-hand experiences from primary schools liberating more Child-Time.

Pain-free move to Juniper Horizons MIS for Churchfield Primary School

Churchfield Primary School had been looking at the options for changing its MIS, which was adding to staff workloads and was difficult to get meaningful information out of. This case study details the pain-free experience of switching to Juniper Horizons MIS.

Muxton Primary School:
Switching to Juniper Horizons MIS

The team at Muxton had been using their previous MIS for over 10 years and the prospect of switching to a new system was daunting and the amount of work involved in the migration was a big consideration. Find out about their experiences in this short story.

High-Impact teacher features

Managing a school and a classroom can be complex, but your MIS needn’t be. Our school MIS software is developed with our community of educators to ensure that it doesn’t slow you down. Navigation is effortless, features are intuitive and data is easy to interrogate. Juniper Horizons is an MIS your staff will want to use, giving more Child-Time and fewer things to worry about.

Your time is valuable. Juniper Horizons school MIS software helps you discover more Child-Time. Designed logically, we group tasks together, so that the next step is exactly where you’d expect it. Assign meal choices as you take the register, send letters home from an attendance report or access key pupil or staff information from the search bar – it’s all just one click away. Every MIS answers all the requirements, but only Juniper Horizons answers all the child’s needs.

You won’t be shocked by hidden fees when the invoice arrives, and you won’t have to pay extra to unlock the most useful features. Juniper simply offers inclusive software that will help you to improve your school. Juniper can offer discounts for longer term financial security and can offer flexible payment plans to support with ongoing budgeting. Instead of paying for endless numbers of school systems, you can consolidate your costs with a single school solution.

More teacher-features
– no hidden costs

Everything you would expect from your MIS is included as standard with Juniper Horizons
– no hidden costs, no additional modules or locked features.
Everything is there from day one.


By this time next week…

…you could be fully up and running with a future-ready MIS. Our team takes full responsibility for your migration, and we’ll get your Horizons system implemented within seven days. To get started, book a demonstration or find out more from our friendly team today.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.