Experts in education

Trusted by over 14,000 schools and 70% of MATs, Juniper’s technology and expertise deliver joined-up solutions for classrooms, the back office, and engaging your parents. 

70% MATs
14K Schools

Complete solutions for your school or MAT

The only education partner with all the answers and expertise under one roof.

Classroom solutions

Progress and Outcomes, Assessment, Evidence of Learning, Insights and Data, Rewards and Recognition, Professional Development, and everything in between, we have it covered!

School office solutions

Finance, Governance and Clerking, Internal Scrutiny and Risk, & Juniper Horizons MIS – we’re here to help you reduce your workload in the office. 

Staff solutions

HR Consultancy, HR Software, Payroll and Pensions and Workforce Development – let us take the stress out of your essential school functions. 

Websites and engagement solutions

Websites for Schools and MATs, Parent Engagement and Marketing Services – we can help you shine online and enhance your school communications. 


Who we help

Primary schools

We are a trusted partner for thousands of Primary Schools and can give you all the support, software and services you need to improve pupil outcomes and significantly impact your entire school landscape. 

Secondary schools

Don't let anything hinder your secondary school progress. We will collaborate with your school to enhance strategies, streamline operations and transform your teaching practices to help your students soar. 

Multi-Academy Trusts (MATS)

Let nothing hold your MAT back. We share your vision and will work with your trust to streamline approaches, embed best practise, help transform your culture and raise standards. 

Solutions to solve your biggest challenges

Created by educators, our solutions tackle intricate challenges head-on. With our education-experienced experts, we offer impactful systems, software, and services that genuinely benefit you and your pupils.