Embedding Whole School Reading Events into your Autumn Planning

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Reading Enjoyment Matters

A report by the National Literacy Trust and Puffin shows that children are reading more (35% rise) and enjoying reading more (28% rise) during lockdown than before.

Research also indicates that the longer children hold on to an enjoyment of reading, the greater the benefits are in the classroom. 10-year-olds who enjoy reading, for example, have a reading age 1.3 years higher than their peers who do not enjoy reading and this gap increases as they get older

Reading for pleasure really does matter.

Engaging the Whole School Community

Of course, as every teacher and parent will testify, reading enjoyment isn’t easy to nurture. We must provide access to a wide range of quality books and ensure there is diversity and choice in the collection on offer. But we also need to lead by example by role modelling enjoyment and engagement throughout the whole school community.

Inserting whole school reading events into your school planning and creating a calendar of activities that celebrate books of all kinds demonstrates the value the school places on both the skill of reading its enjoyment.

Whole School Reading Events for Autumn

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day is 13th September and his on stories are brilliant for reading out loud. Use the day to highlight other funny stories too introducing authors that children and parents may be less familiar with.

BookTrust Storytime Prize

The winner is announced in September. The Prize celebrates and promotes the best books for sharing with young children. Challenge your school community to find brilliant picture books to share at storytime.

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day is on 1st October. Share poems throughout the school day, use resources on the website or visit the Children’s Poetry Archive and choose a theme or poet.

World Space Week

World Space Week starts on 4th October. Read and share poetry, fiction, picture books and non-fiction on the theme of space. Or choose your own theme and set aside a week.

National Non-Fiction November

A month-long celebration of non-fiction books with the theme this year of The Planet we Share. The winner of the Information Book Award (IBA) run by the School Library Association is announced during the month. For some NF inspiration look at the IBA shortlist or see recent winners of the Blue Peter Best Book with Facts Award.

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