Sisra Observe: Turning data into information


Since joining Juniper Education in late 2020, we have found ourselves in great company with our new colleagues who share the same vision for turning data into information. The sector is now well-versed in data relating to students and the complexity that comes with it, but what about the information we can use to ensure people are effective in their roles? Sisra Observe was developed to eliminate the administration-heavy processes around professional development in schools, freeing up time and headspace for people to focus on what matters.

What makes Sisra Observe different?

Ease of use – Usability is at the heart of every decision we make regarding Sisra Observe. We are proud of the great feedback from users and our difference to people’s workload. Our support and customer success teams provide plenty of free training and materials via the help area to ensure everyone gets the most out of the cost and time investment involved in introducing something new.

“Staff workload has decreased significantly, particularly now we are using the system for staff appraisal documents. It has proven to be an extremely accessible and efficient system for all staff.”

Flexibility – We spoke to a school recently that was working with a school improvement partner and needed to streamline their current system of word documents and chaos of multiple shared areas. They were worried they would have to adapt their processes to us instead of the other way round, so we built their own school template in minutes during the live demonstration. The school has since joined the community and already feels the benefit of reduced workload and improved insights.

“We chose Sisra Observe because we liked that you could ‘build’ your own style of observation and learning walk templates from scratch using a range of qualitative and quantitative data and analyse this in a quick and simple manner.”

Our roadmap is super exciting –We always dream big, but we have some game-changers in the pipeline since joining Juniper. We’re working on features for multi-academy trusts and integrations to reduce your workload further. We’re discussing triangulating teaching and learning data with assessment data plus more features to facilitate sharing within and between schools. We absolutely love your feedback, so if you want to be involved and help shape the future of Sisra Observe, please get in touch.

Watch Charlotte discussing Sisra Observe on the ‘Check It Out’ Show last month:

To learn more and to book a demonstration visit Sisra Observe