Sisra Observe makes managing your school’s professional development plan easier than ever before. Trusted by over 380 schools, it’s an all-in-one, web-based platform that’s easy to use for teaching staff, support staff and senior leaders alike. Save time on admin, cut down on paperwork, and foster a professional, dialogue-driven learning culture.

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Supporting the full performance management cycle in schools

Some schools find it difficult to explain the importance of continuing professional development to busy teachers, who often find the process disjointed and inconvenient. Sisra Observe enables CPD to fit around their schedule, and become a rewarding and engaging experience:

Teacher appraisal and performance reviews

Teacher appraisal and performance reviews

Record key performance data metrics and align them to teacher and school goals, along with professional dialogue that enables a culture of improvement.

Professional development and CPD

Professional development and CPD

Support your staff striving to reach personal and professional targets. Bespoke templates and development outcome recording can help identify more opportunities for growth – for teachers, students and schools alike.

Quality assurance and school improvements

Quality assurance and school improvements

Get full visibility of QA data through bespoke reporting that can align with your school’s goals and save time in measuring quality of teaching, objective and improvement plan progress.

The benefits of a continuous professional development solution, customised to suit your school's needs

Join the dots

Clearly view feedback, intuitive reports, appraisal data, targets for teacher performance management and more from a single platform.

Customised to fit your school's needs

Build your own templates, focus on collecting the information you need, and define professional development plans.

User-friendly interface

Staff can take ownership of their development through a platform that requires little, if any, user training.

Reduce workloads

Streamline complex processes to reduce the admin burden of teaching and learning monitoring, as well as continuous professional development for all involved.

Put staff in control of development

All the information staff need is hosted in a dedicated space for continual professional development.

Easy evaluation

Trend reports quantify the impact of your CPD efforts, and make informed CPD budget decisions.


Full GDPR compliance and flexible permission levels remove security headaches and help keep personal data safe.

Resource library

Give staff access to best practices through relevant continuous professional development examples and signpost to helpful resources.

The importance of personal and professional development

Did you know that 63% of senior leaders and 53% of school teachers have considered leaving the education sector in the past two years? This trend underlines just how important continuing professional development for teachers is in today’s education landscape. Our free guide explores how it can help with teacher retention, and benefit teachers, pupils and schools alike.

Professional development guide

Stories of success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Sisra Observe.

Using Sisra Observe has allowed us to become a more efficient organisation and, as a result, has created more time for us to focus on our core purpose, improving the quality of teaching and learning.
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Stuart Voyce
Eaton Bank Academy
Sisra Observe has enhanced teaching and learning, appraisal and CPD at our school by ensuring our systems are clear, accessible and efficient.
Eastbourne College
Sisra Observe has helped us develop an approach to our performance management that is genuinely developmental and not judgemental.
Holy Trinity, Barnsley
Sisra Observe has helped create something that is so rare in schools…time. Time that can be invested in ensuring the quality of our teaching is the very best it can be.

Want to find out more?

If you still need more information on Sisra Observe our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

Yes, Sisra Observe can be accessed from any computer or device with internet access.

No. As our services are web-based, they can be easily accessed from any computer or device that is connected to the internet.

Yes. You can add up to five observers to a lesson observation record which allows easy collaboration and sharing.

We actively encourage you to add as many users as you wish. The number of users has no impact on the cost of the service.

Yes, we use encryption provided by GlobalSign EV SSL certificates to ensure maximum protection for your data.

Create a positive professional development culture in your school

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