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The affordable, web-based professional development platform that helps you focus on what really matters.

Sisra Observe


Sisra Observe combines all professional development processes on a single platform, from NQT to SLT and beyond. Through observing lessons ‘on the go’, logging of appraisals, self-evaluation and user-friendly data analysis, brings clarity to teaching and learning performance and helps drive informed decisions around CPD and support.

Join the dots

Join the dots.

All the information relevant to an employee and their role is accessible from a single dashboard, including clear feedback, intuitive reports, appraisal scores and more.

Perfect fit

A system that’s a perfect fit.

Sisra Observe can be customised to meet specific school or staff needs. Build your own templates, focus on collecting the information you need, and define your own outcomes.


An interface made for easy use.

A simple platform requires little to no training to use, so that staff can take charge of their development without being held back by complexity.



Every employee can get a clear overview from a simple, personalised dashboard.

CPD Library

Explore best practices through relevant examples and links to helpful resources.

Task Tracker

Easily create and view follow-up actions and next steps to promote progress.


Full GDPR compliance and flexible permission levels remove security headaches.


Get to the heart of performance with user-friendly reports and charts, and filter specifics with a single click or tap.


Sse any internet-connected device to access the dashboard at any time, with no software installation required.


Talk to the friendly Juniper team when help is required, and consult our library of guides and resources.

Stories of Success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Sisra Observe.

“Using Sisra Observe has allowed us to become a more efficient organisation and, as a result, has created more time for us to focus on our core purpose, improving the quality of teaching and learning.”
Stuart Voyce
Assistant Headteacher, Holy Trinity

Eaton Bank Academy

“Sisra Observe has enhanced
teaching and learning, appraisal and CPD at our school by ensuring our systems are clear, accessible and efficient.”

Eastbourne College

“Sisra Observe has helped us develop an approach to our performance management that is genuinely developmental
and not judgemental.”

Holy Trinity, Barnsley

“Sisra Observe has helped create something that is so rare in schools…time. Time that can be invested in ensuring the quality of our teaching is the very best it can be.”

Still want to know more?

If you still need more information on Sisra Observe our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

Yes, Sisra Observe can be accessed from any computer or device with internet access.

No. As our services are web-based, they can be easily accessed from any computer or device that is connected to the internet.

Yes. You can add up to five observers to a lesson observation record which allows easy collaboration and sharing.

We actively encourage you to add as many users as you wish. The number of users has no impact on the cost of the service.

Yes, we use encryption provided by GlobalSign EV SSL certificates to ensure maximum protection for your data. For more information please see our

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