It’s Time to Review our Policies

Educational Visits Policy

There is a general expectation that school policies are regularly reviewed in line with changing circumstances.

The school Educational Visits Policy is usually reviewed and amended at least every three years and this is considered standard good practice. The current COVID-19 crisis has certainly put a huge implication on planned visits causing cancellations, postponement and a lot of grief! Of particular note is the lack of clarity around insurance cover and claims, and the terms and conditions set out by the providers.Juniper Education has been supporting many of its schools with advice and guidance on these matters and highlighting that we have all been taken by surprise at some of the issues raised by cancelling visits. The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom put out a joint statement by many organisations on this to support schools.

Now is a Good Time to Review your Policy

So now is a good time to review and update the School Visits Policy. Your adviser can help and may well refer you to the OEAPNG document  Writing a School Visits Policy.

Juniper Education schools also have exemplar policies embedded in their resources on the EVOLVE Educational Visits websites.Of particular note would be:

  • clarity on what insurance cover is in place – school insurance / provider insurance / specific visit insurance included?
  • are terms and conditions set out by the provider acceptable? What clauses may cause concern if an issue arises?
  • is there a risk assessment / consideration of action in case of a coronavirus?

The OEAP guidance now states that:

‘The establishment policy should explain any specific procedural requirements, including those relating to:

  • Risk assessment
  • Coronavirus’

Most Importantly…

Most importantly, is there a process where visit leaders seek outline approval before booking a provider?Some providers have received some unfavourable press reports over the coronavirus cancellations.

Where past visits have taken place, the Kaddi website highlights visit leader reviews on providers and worth a look before selecting a provider.If you need any support with your review, please look at the links or contact your Educational Visits Adviser.

Norberto Fusi and Jake Wiid – OEAP Educational Visits Advisers for Juniper Education.For further information, view our Educational Visits Service or contact [email protected]