How to Implement a New School HR System

Explore our latest blog post's essential steps for seamlessly implementing a new school HR system. Our education HR experts guide you through effective planning, installation considerations, roll-out strategies, and ongoing system management. Learn how to modernise processes, improve automation, and stay at the forefront of technology for a successful transition.  


As education experts, we understand that digitalising your HR procedures is a top priority. There are some essential considerations when implementing a new or updated HR system, and with the right planning, you can modernise your processes seamlessly.  

A modern HR system can improve procedures' automation, putting you at the forefront of technology. In this blog post, our team of education HR experts have highlighted the crucial steps to help schools achieve a successful implementation of a new HR system. 

Essential steps for a successful transition  


Your first step is to project the plan. This should include: 

  • A timeline 
  • Who is involved, and how 
  • What you are aiming to achieve  
  • A plan of communication  

Taking time to get this in place will allow you to successfully move onto the next step.  



When you are at the point of installing, you need to find the correct system for your school requirement, be it for people management, to support teacher performance, or something else. This way, when staff log in, they will reap the rewards from the first use. Things to think about are: 

  • What processes can be moved across – streamlining, time efficiencies  
  • What systems, if any, can it link with  
  • Hierarchy for approvals, structure chart, etc. 
  • Reporting requirements – top tip: send out a line managers' survey and ask what they want to report on. This will allow them to feel involved and get on top of your manager's managing 
  • Collate policies that need to be referenced or accessed that are HR-specific 

You will need to set aside time to enter all the data you want included; this may be a simple task if you already use software for your HR function. If not, it will probably mean analysing hard copies, cleansing, and updating records, etc. Exercise patience at this stage; it will all be worth it in the end! 

Roll out and training 

Every staff member using the system should undergo training, including access to guides and recorded sessions for future reference. At this point, you may want to tailor the content depending on the type of user, for example, manager–to–employee. Ensure you have champions based throughout all levels at your school; this will allow employees to have direct support. Champions should have the knowledge to help manage a smooth transition for everyone. 


Once the system is being used, ensure you are getting timely feedback. This will help guarantee that the system operates as needed and any major issues can be addressed promptly. A top tip here would be a soft launch week with your project team and champions; most systems don’t come without their teething problems, so hopefully, this will allow you to resolve these before rolling out the new system.  



The day has come, and all your hard work has paid off.  Your internal comms will come into play here, so ensure they reach your staff and include what they need to know. Don’t overshare, or they will switch off. This will ensure higher engagement rates. The go-live day shouldn’t be on INSET or the last day before the Christmas ‘closedown’; instead, pick a date when staff can use the system and have time to give feedback.  

On-going system management  

With the rollout, training, testing and resolving issues, all ticked, you are almost there.  You will still face some issues, questions and updates to be mindful of. Ensure you can recap on feedback and actually show centrally where you have made improvements.   

Monitor the progress of training and implementation, when and who has accessed it and potentially score levels achieved to revisit and refresh, updating the training needs for your new HR system. 

Make time for second and third release phases so that staff can update and input extra requirements. 

Are you looking for a new HR system for your school? 

Having learned the process of implementing your new school HR system, your next step is to find one that meets your requirements. We’ve got you covered! 

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