How to Build a Positive Relationship with Parents: A Comprehensive Guide for Schools

Strong parent-school relationships foster a conducive learning environment. This guide offers practical steps for school leaders to build a powerful community, impacting academic success, social development, and overall well-being of children. 



Effective communication and collaboration between schools and parents is essential for creating a conducive learning environment for pupils. A strong parent-school relationship can significantly impact children’s academic achievements, social development, and overall well-being.  

This guide, which is also a checklist, provides practical steps school leaders can take to build positive relationships with parents, fostering a powerful sense of community for every child. 

Establish Open Communication Channels

Open and consistent communication serves as the bedrock of a successful parent-school relationship. Schools should actively engage parents through multiple means to keep them informed and involved. 

  • Regular Updates: Ensure parents receive regular updates via newsletters, emails, text messages, or a dedicated parent portal. These platforms provide vital information about school policies, upcoming events, and initiatives. 
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Organise structured parent-teacher conferences to facilitate face-to-face interactions. These meetings allow teachers to discuss children’s progress, share insights, and collaborate on strategies for improvement. 
  • School Website: Your school website is a well-designed, informative, and interactive platform that serves as a valuable resource for parents, as well as other stakeholders.  
  • Digital Platforms: Embrace technology using online platforms that grant parents access to real-time information about progress, grades, assignments, attendance, and classroom activities. 

Use an app like MarvellousMe to facilitate positive communication between teachers, school administrators, and parents. Empower teachers to share real-time updates, children’s achievements, and important information with parents directly and quickly.  

With instant notifications and personalised insights, apps like MarvellousMe strengthen parent-teacher relationships, enabling timely and meaningful engagement that supports children’s progress and overall development – all without unnecessary parent replies and extra workload. 

Create Welcoming Environments

A welcoming atmosphere on the school premises goes a long way in making parents feel valued and appreciated. 

  • Warm Greetings: Train staff members to warmly greet parents during school events, meetings, and daily interactions. A friendly reception contributes to a positive impression. 
  • Inviting Spaces: Dedicate effort to maintain aesthetically pleasing reception areas that reflect the school’s commitment to creating a comfortable environment for both children and parents. Showcase photographs, awards, and artefacts to celebrate the successes of the whole school community. 

When educators celebrate children’s achievements, big or small, it cultivates a strong partnership with parents and genuine appreciation among families. Tools like MarvellousMe make consistent, positive communication with parents easy.  

Real-time connection empowers parents to celebrate their child’s successes daily, reinforcing their engagement in their children’s learning and creating a supportive atmosphere where children feel valued and motivated to excel.  

Involve Parents in Decision-Making

Empowering parents with a voice in school decisions fosters a sense of ownership and shared responsibility. 

  • Parent Advisory Councils: Establish active parent advisory committees where parents contribute ideas and insights on curriculum development, extracurricular activities, school policies, and other significant matters. 
  • Surveys and Feedback: Conduct regular surveys and focus group discussions to gather parents’ opinions, suggestions, and concerns. This feedback provides valuable insights for school improvement. 

Use efficient technology like MarvellousMe’s voting and survey features to enable parents to participate in shaping school initiatives, policies, and events. 

Appreciate and Recognise Parents

Acknowledging parents’ contributions enhances their sense of belonging and motivates continued engagement. 

  • Parent Appreciation Events: Organise special events or celebrations honouring parents’ involvement, volunteer work, and support. These events reinforce their importance to the school community. 
  • Thank You Notes: Express gratitude through personalised thank-you notes or emails, highlighting how parents have positively impacted the school. 

You can award parents with a custom-designed ‘Thank You’ badge on MarvellousMe to recognise parents who actively engage, volunteer, or contribute positively to the school community. A simple gesture like this digital recognition has been shown to encourage continued involvement among parents. 

Offer Workshops and Resources

Equipping parents with knowledge and resources helps them play an active role in their child’s education and personal development. 

  • Parent Education Workshops: Host workshops on relevant topics such as effective communication strategies, study skills, emotional intelligence, and online safety. 
  • Resource Sharing: Curate and distribute resources like articles, videos, books, and online courses that empower parents to better understand their child’s needs and learning journey. 

Address Concerns Promptly

Demonstrating a commitment to addressing concerns promptly and effectively underscores the school’s dedication to parental involvement. 

  • Open Door Policy: Communicate an open-door policy that encourages parents to contact teachers, governors, or administrators to address any concerns or questions. 
  • Conflict Resolution Training: Provide staff members with training in conflict resolution techniques to handle disagreements and concerns constructively and empathetically. 

Celebrate Children’s Achievements

Recognising children’s accomplishments reinforces a positive relationship between parents and the school. 

  • Showcase Events: Organise showcases, exhibitions, performances, and award ceremonies to spotlight children’s achievements, talents, and growth. Inviting parents to these events enhances their sense of pride and engagement. 
  • Newsletter Highlights: Dedicate newsletters or school website sections to feature child success stories, academic achievements, and noteworthy accomplishments. 

Reward children for their achievements and efforts using a tool like MarvellousMe, which provides instant, personalised feedback through digital badges, postcards, or house points. You can also easily send device notifications to parents about their child’s achievements, behaviour, and progress every time their child is awarded a badge. Parents receive real-time updates, allowing them to celebrate their child’s successes and reinforce their learning at home.  

Foster Inclusivity

Promote an inclusive atmosphere that respects and embraces parents’ and children’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

  • Cultural Awareness: Celebrate cultural diversity through events, workshops, and activities that promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. Invite parents to participate in these inclusivity initiatives if they wish so that they are not only beneficiaries but also engaged organisers and contributors. 
  • Translation Services: Provide translation services for communications and materials to ensure that language barriers do not hinder parents’ involvement.  

Engage in Community Service

Encouraging parents and children in community service projects cultivates a shared sense of purpose and strengthens the bonds within the school community.  

  • Collaborative Projects: Initiate community service initiatives and events that involve parents, children, and staff working together to contribute positively to local communities. 

Continuous Improvement

Schools must be committed to continual evaluation and adaptation to ensure the ongoing development of a positive parent-school relationship.  

  • Feedback Loop: Establish a structured feedback mechanism, such as regular surveys or focus groups, to gather parents’ perspectives on their experiences and suggestions for enhancement. Be sure to continually share your progress with your parent community. 
  • Adapt and Evolve: Analyse feedback and data to refine approaches, introduce new strategies, and adjust existing practices to better align with the evolving needs and expectations of parents and the school community. Transparency is key, as parents appreciate when schools commit to improving their children’s lives. 

In Conclusion

Building a positive parent-school relationship is a multifaceted endeavour that requires dedication, empathy, and continuous effort. By fostering open lines of communication, involving parents in decision-making, expressing appreciation, and creating an inclusive and celebratory environment, schools can forge a strong partnership that benefits children, parents, and the broader educational community. Harnessing technology and tools like MarvellousMe can support these efforts and help schools save time and money while maximising parental engagement. 

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