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Why It's Essential to Review Your School Policies


As the educational landscape evolves, the importance of keeping school policies up to date cannot be overstated. Among these, your admissions policy deserves particular attention. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of reviewing your admissions policy, the consultation process, and how Juniper Education can assist you in this crucial task. 

Why Review Your Admissions Policy?

Your admissions policy is the gateway to your school, defining how pupils are admitted. Due to evolving circumstances and regulations, regularly reviewing and updating this policy is essential. But how should you go about it?

Who to Consult

If you're an own admissions authority school, such as an Academy, Foundation, or Voluntary Aided institution, now is the time to review your policy with your Governors or Trustees. Admissions authorities must consult on their admission arrangements when changes are proposed. This consultation involves various stakeholders, including existing parents, your Local Authority, and local schools (though primary schools need not consult with secondary schools). Faith schools should also involve the local body representing their religion or religious denomination.

Timeline and Process for Consultation

The consultation process now mandates a minimum period of 6 weeks between October 1st and January 31st. During this time, you must display your proposed admissions policy on your school website. Ensure you provide contact details for submitting comments, and your Governing Body must consider all comments or concerns raised before proceeding further.

Interestingly, admission authorities must consult on their admission arrangements at least once every seven years, even if no changes have occurred. Failing to consult effectively can lead to subsequent complaints and appeals.

Dates to Remember

Every year, regardless of changes, all admission authorities must formally agree to admissions arrangements. Determination must occur by February 28th, and your policy must be displayed on your school website by this date. You must also send a copy of your school's determined policy to your Local Authority and, for faith schools, the body representing your religion or religious denomination.

Another crucial date relates to admission appeals. By February 28th of each year, you must publish an appeals timetable on your website.

Current Consultation

The Department for Education (DfE) is currently consulting on proposed changes to the Schools Admissions Code, primarily focusing on clarifying and improving the process of admitting children to school outside the normal admissions round.

It's Time to Review Your Policies

While reviewing your admissions policy is vital, it's equally important to assess other school policies, for example:

Educational Visits Policy: Given changing circumstances, it's important to revisit this policy for the safety and enjoyment of school outings.

Safeguarding Policy: Consistent updates help maintain a secure environment for pupils, staff, and visitors.

Data Protection Policy: With evolving data regulations, schools need to ensure they handle sensitive information responsibly and legally.

Health and Safety Policy: Frequent reviews keep the school environment safe for everyone, preventing accidents and injuries.

Curriculum Policy: Regular assessments help maintain an engaging and up-to-date curriculum that meets educational standards.


Reviewing your admissions policy and other school policies is a proactive step toward adapting to changing circumstances and regulations. It demonstrates your commitment to providing a transparent and effective educational environment for your pupils. 

Let our experts help

Juniper Education is here to support you through this process, ensuring your policies align with the evolving educational landscape and regulatory changes.

We can assist you by providing guidance and resources to ensure your policy aligns with your school's needs. 

Our expertise extends to all school policies, so get in touch and let our experts help you and your school or MAT.