What are statutory assessment requirements?


If all the changes to statutory assessment over the last two years have left you confused, this to-do list will clarify which assessments will be statutory 2021-22 and what you may want to consider.

EYFS statutory assessments

  • Complete the new reception baseline assessment within the first six weeks of pupils starting school. Some schools will receive a monitoring visit from NFER. Don’t forget to sign the HT declaration by November.
  • From September, the new early years foundation stage framework is statutory. Development Matters, the non-statutory curriculum, has been updated to reflect these changes. Do any staff need training on the updated requirements?
  • Remember, the new EYFS Profile must be completed in June but this will no longer be subject to moderation. However, results will still need to be reported to the LA.

KS1 statutory assessments

Year 1:

  • The phonic screening check is to be administered week beginning 6th June 2022. Check that year 1 phonic programmes address pupils’ gaps in knowledge.

Year 2:

  • Remember to administer a past version of the phonic check to year 2 pupils during the second half of the autumn term. The administration guidance and the data collection and submission guidance have been published.
  • KS1 tests are still statutory and must be administered during May 2022. Remember to schedule dates for the tests in your school – you may need more additional adults than usual this year.
  • Teacher assessment judgments in reading, writing, maths and science are to be submitted to the LA in June. Do new staff need training to understand the standards?
KS2 statutory assessments

Year 4:

  • Schools must administer the multiplication tables check in the three weeks following Monday 6 June 2022. Check that pupils are regularly practicing their tables and are using online ‘games’ so they become familiar with the five second time limit.

Year 6:

  • It may be tempting to book lots of exciting activities to make up for the last couple of years, but remember to keep Monday 9 May to Thursday 12 May 2022 free for the KS2 tests. Check that Year 6 colleagues aware of pupils’ gaps in reading and maths and have made provision to address these in planning.
  • Teacher assessment judgments in writing and science are to be submitted to the DfE in June. Do new staff need training to understand the standards?

Finally, sign up for STA alerts, so you are aware of any changes!

At Juniper Education, our moderation manager delivers online training sessions on statutory assessment for teachers who are new to year 2 or new to year 6. Or, for experienced teachers, we run training for year 2 and year 6 statutory assessment if you would simply like a reminder about the requirements and standards. In addition, Jane delivers two-hour online training on the administration of the multiplication tables check, and we also have training for the administration of the phonic check. If you are interested in any of the above courses, please email [email protected]

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