Ready-to-use Easter Quiz for Pupils

This interactive Easter quiz provides an enjoyable method for engaging with pupils to explore Easter. Suitable for group activities in the classroom, this quiz is ready to use and offers an enjoyable supplement to the curriculum.

How to play

Our Easter quiz could be used in class where pupils work in groups. 

All you will need

  • The questions for each teacher
  • Paper and pencil for each group
  • A timer


  1. Ask each group to:
    • Fold a piece of paper in quarters
    • Write the categories ‘traditions’, ‘Easter egg brands’, ‘the Easter story’ and ‘miscellaneous’ one in each quarter.
    • Write the numbers 1 to 6 underneath the categories in each of the quarter.
  2. Read the questions. Set a timer – allow 1 minute between questions. 
  3. Each correct answer is one point. 
  4. Each team can choose to play their ‘joker’ to double the points for a particular category, to be decided before playing that round. 
  5. Mark after each round. If using within the class, you may wish to swap answer sheets with another group. 
  6. The teacher announces the scores for each group after each round. 

Round 1: Traditions

  1. What gift does the Easter Bunny traditionally bring?
    A) Chocolate eggs
  2. Why are eggs associated with Easter?
    A) They symbolise new life
  3. What is the name for the 40 days before Easter?
    A) Lent
  4. What sort of bun is traditional at Easter in the UK?
    A) Hot cross bun
  5. What is the name of the game where you search for Easter eggs?
    A) Easter Egg Hunt
  6. What type of hat is decorated at Easter for a special parade?
    A) Bonnet

Total available points: 6

Round 2: Easter Egg Brands

Below are some clues to brands of Easter egg. Name the Easter egg brand:

  1. Lunch outdoors
    A) Picnic
  2. Falling snow
    A) Flake
  3. Clever people
    A) Smarties
  4. Quiet word
    A) Wispa
  5. Collection of Solar Systems
    A) Galaxy
  6. Edible fasteners
    A) Chocolate Buttons

Total available points: 6

Round 3: The Easter Story

  1. Palm Sunday is the week before Easter. What did Jesus do on that day?
    A) He rode in to Jerusalem (1 mark) on a donkey (1 mark)
  2. How many times did Peter deny Christ?
    A) 3 times
  3. Who betrayed Jesus?
    A) Judas
  4. Jesus said this when he was on the cross. What is the missing word; ‘My God, My God, why have you ______ me?’
    A) Forsaken
  5. How many other people were crucified at the same time as Jesus?
    A) 2
  6. What happened 3 days after Jesus was killed?
    A) He came back to life

Total available points: 7

Round 4: Miscellaneous

  1. Which word is used to describe the Friday of Easter weekend?
    A) Good
  2. What does the King give out on Maundy Thursday?
    A) Maundy money
  3. Which Russian jewellery firm is famous for designing jewel-incrusted eggs which can be worth millions of pounds each?
    A) Faberge
  4. Which food do we make on Shrove Tuesday?
    A) Pancakes
  5. What is the name for the first day of Lent?
    A) Ash Wednesday
  6. Which ocean surrounds Easter Island?
    A) The Pacific Ocean

Total available points: 6

Wishing you all an enjoyable Easter break