Latest Website Lives: February 2024

We've got a great selection of brand new bespoke website designs that have recently gone live! Check out our top projects launched in February, featuring schools and trusts across the country.


We are proud of the professional and stunning websites we design for our school customers every month. So much so, we're keen to share our great work with the wider world.

Our approach to school website design is consultative, offering schools and trusts the chance to have a completely personalised website that meets their unique needs and preferences.

In this blog, we've created a selection of what we feel are our best 'latest lives' from the last month to inspire schools and trusts just like yours, who also want to shine online. 

Latest lives: February 2024 

Schools for Every Child

Schools for every childThis design is a great way of showcasing how we can apply trust branding to create dynamic and unique elements on a trust website. This website incorporates the logo as watermarks, with subtle movements to bring your website to life and give the elements on the page more depth.


Churchill Academy & Sixth Form 

Churchill Academy and Sixth Form v.2

This design shows how schools can apply branding with multiple colours and still create a modern design that attracts the user's attention. This heavily photo-based design allows the school to show off the pupils and the amazing things they do.


Old Swinford Hospital 

Old Swingford Hospital

Old Swinford Hospital is a great example of how Juniper can take professional and modern branding and translate that into a vibrant website that’s warm and inviting but still keeps its professional feel. This website takes the user on a journey throughout the homepage and easily guides them into other areas of the website.


EPA Trust 

EPA Trust - Desktop

This website is one of Juniper's Premium Pre-Design Templates. It highlights how Juniper can apply more professional branding to a premium template, create a sleek website tailored to the trust's needs and showcase the areas needed by each specific school or trust. This template allows any school or trust to take it's branding and really make the design their own.



Esland Trust

The Eslands website stands out as a wonderful example of how Juniper can integrate elements of a school or trust's branding across various sections of the website. This includes the creation of decorative elements, ensuring that the website aligns harmoniously with any specific branding. The movement on this website also shows that Juniper can create unique branding elements in the design stage and bring these elements to life in the development stage.


Cloned websites for schools in the trust 

Cloned websites - Esland (combined)

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