Working With Parents for Pupil Success

Explore the impactful collaboration between teachers and parents, emphasising teamwork, shared goals, extended learning, and personalised approaches.

Discover how platforms like MarvellousMe enhance communication to build a supportive community and learn how it transforms collaboration for a child's success.


In a child’s education journey, the partnership between teachers and parents holds remarkable potential. When these two figures collaborate, they create a powerful bond that elevates a child's accomplishments within the classroom and the wider world.  

This article delves into teachers’ and parents' vital role in fostering a child’s development. 

The power of teamwork 

Collaboration between parents and teachers forms a dynamic partnership that propels a child's success. The combined insights from both parties provide a well-rounded understanding of the child's strengths, challenges, and progress. This collaborative approach allows for timely interventions and personalised strategies that cater to the child's unique needs. 

The united efforts of parents and teachers establish a consistent and motivating environment. As the child witnesses this shared commitment to their growth, they are inspired to engage in their learning journey and strive for excellence actively. The research echoes this. A study by the Harvard Family Research Project found that when parents and teachers collaborate, students tend to show (HFRP, 2013): 

  • Improved behaviour 
  • Improved attendance 
  • Improved academic performance  

Many schools use MarvellousMe to foster successful teamwork between parents and teachers, providing a digital platform for real-time communication, updates, and insights about a child's progress and character development. 

Shared goals and expectations 

Shared goals and expectations lay the foundation for a child's educational journey. This alignment instils a sense of purpose and responsibility within the child, helping them grasp the importance of their efforts. 

The impact of shared goals extends beyond the child's realm. It nurtures a harmonious relationship between parents and teachers, fostering open communication and mutual respect. Observing this unity between two significant figures enhances the child's sense of security and motivation. 

Studies reinforce the value of shared goals. A research paper in the Journal of Educational Research and Review highlighted that when parents and teachers establish consistent and mutually agreed-upon goals, students' performance and motivation see marked improvement (Sui et al., 2020). 

Extending learning horizons 

Education doesn't confine itself to the classroom, and parents play an integral role in extending learning beyond school walls. By actively supporting their child's learning journey outside of school hours, parents enrich their child's educational experience. 

Here are some ways parents can contribute: 

  • Designating a dedicated study area at home, equipped with resources, to create an optimal learning environment 
  • Engaging in conversations about various subjects, current events, and personal interests to stimulate critical thinking 
  • Nurturing a love for reading by providing diverse age-appropriate books and engaging in shared reading activities 
  • Integrating educational aspects into everyday activities like cooking, gardening, or shopping to make learning practical and relatable 
  • Utilising online platforms, educational apps, and teacher-recommended resources to reinforce classroom learning 

MarvellousMe empowers teachers to provide parents with insights into their child's daily educational experiences, curriculum coverage, and achievements. This information equips parents to engage in meaningful conversations, purposeful activities, and tailored support that enhances the learning process at home. 

Importantly, MarvellousMe protects teachers from unnecessary parent replies, and so helps to protect their workload and increase teaching-time. 

The significance of parental involvement in extending learning is emphasized in research by the National Centre for Education Statistics (NCES), which indicates that students whose parents engage in their education tend to display higher academic achievements and positive attitudes toward learning (NCES, 2019). 

Personalisation: meeting individual needs 

Collaboration between parents and teachers acknowledges each child's uniqueness. By leveraging insights from both sides, a personalised learning plan can be crafted that caters to the child's strengths and addresses their challenges effectively. 

This personalised approach fosters academic success and nurtures the child's self-assurance and confidence. Feeling understood and supported ignites a deep enthusiasm for the educational journey. 

MarvellousMe enables teachers to offer personalised recommendations to parents, empowering them to provide targeted support at home. These tailored suggestions further solidify the partnership in nurturing the child's growth. 

Fostering a nurturing community 

The combined efforts of teachers and parents extend beyond individual influence; they contribute to the creation of a nurturing community.  

This sense of community brings forth numerous benefits: 

  • Collaboration fosters open communication, allowing parents and teachers to work together effectively for the child's benefit 
  • A communal spirit reinforces shared values and virtuous behaviours, nurturing the child's character development 
  • A supportive community nurtures academic excellence, emotional intelligence, social adeptness, and resilience 
  • Active parental participation in school events underscores the importance of education, inspiring the child to value their learning journey 

MarvellousMe plays a pivotal role in cultivating a positive community spirit. The platform fosters pride and unity among parents by showcasing students' achievements and milestones. Through shared success stories, it cultivates a sense of belonging, encouraging parents to come together to celebrate achievements and collaborate in nurturing their children's education. 

Research by the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) underscores that a strong sense of community positively influences student motivation, engagement, and overall well-being (National PTA, 2020). 


The harmonious collaboration between teachers and parents weaves a pathway to growth, resilience, and achievement. Through teamwork, shared goals, extended learning, tailored approaches, and the creation of a supportive community, these two pillars construct a sturdy foundation for success. 

As parents and teachers join forces, they empower the next generation to navigate the complexities of the world with unwavering confidence, genuine curiosity, and an unshakable belief in their unlimited potential. MarvellousMe was designed and built by parents for these wonderful outcomes. 

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