How to create an engaging school newsletter

In this blog, our school communication experts explore the important role newsletters play in school-parent communications. Gain insights into creating engaging newsletters with tips on frequency, design, content, and distribution, empowering schools to improve parent engagement.


Almost half of UK schools send out weekly newsletters to parents, a common practice often distributed via email or available as a downloadable PDF on the school’s website. Despite the effort involved in writing, designing, and sending out these newsletters, ensuring active engagement from parents remains a challenge. Join us in our latest insightful blog, which provides schools with practical tips on enhancing their newsletters, improving open rates, and creating stronger connections with parents. 

The importance of frequency 

One key element in creating an engaging newsletter is deciding when and how often it will be sent. It’s important to remain consistent, so whether you send the newsletter weekly or monthly, you must stick to a regular schedule for your school communications. This helps parents anticipate and look forward to receiving updates from the school. Keep the newsletter concise, delivering bite-sized content that is more likely to be read than a lengthy document filled with excessive information. This respects parents' time and increases their chances of absorbing the essential details. 

Design matters 

Consistent formatting is also essential for effective school newsletter design. Create a professional layout that aligns with your school's brand, incorporating imagery to capture attention. Once you find a design that works well, use it as a template for the newsletter. Avoid text-only formats or layouts with varying fonts and colours, as these can appear imposing or unprofessional, potentially putting parents off. Parents lead busy lives, so ensure that your digital design is responsive and mobile-friendly, as many parents may want to read the newsletter on their commute or 'on the go'. 

Write good content 

Content is the heart of any newsletter. Keep it clear to the point and highlight important information. Break the content into sections with clear headings for easy scanning, as most readers will seek specific information. If you have extensive details to share, break it up with light-hearted or feel-good content to maintain engagement. Include regular features, such as an introduction from the head or regular school rewards and recognition features, to add consistency and a personalised touch to each edition. 

The creation process 

The key to maintaining a regular newsletter schedule is to keep it simple and utilise existing content. A digital newsletter builder is a creative way to do this, syncing it with your school website to easily integrate news stories, calendar dates, and social media updates. Alternatively, create an editable offline template for quickly switching content sections when needed. 

Strategic distribution 

The distribution of your newsletter is as important as its content. Uploading it as a PDF or digital newsletter on your website and sending it via email integration are popular methods. Printing should be reserved for exceptional cases or token copies left in reception. In an eco-conscious era, digital distribution will no doubt align with sustainability goals and ensure wider accessibility. 

Newsletter content inspiration  

To add flair to your newsletter, consider incorporating the following content ideas: 

An introduction from the Headteacher

Personalise your newsletter with a warm introduction from the head. 

Upcoming events

Announce upcoming events and activities – use the newsletter to provide notice, allowing parents to plan ahead. 

'Good News' stories

Share positive stories and celebrate successes and achievements within the school community. 


Inject fun with trivia, jokes, or interesting facts. 

Policy changes and updates

Keep parents informed about any changes to school policies, community updates or new/departing members of staff. 

Recipes, book reviews, and activities

Add variety with cooking tips for Pancake Day, book recommendations for World Book Day, or easy home activities in school holidays. 

Competitions and quizzes

Engage parents and pupils with interactive elements. 

Highlights from social media feeds

Showcase noteworthy posts from your school's social media channels. 

Photos and videos

Share visuals from recent events like sports days, parents' evenings, plays, and trips. 

Fundraising and PTA updates

Keep the community informed about ongoing initiatives and PTA activities. 

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