Do schools really need marketing?

In our latest blog, we delve into the crucial question of whether schools truly need marketing. Join us as we uncover the significance of marketing, exploring benefits such as student recruitment, community engagement, and fundraising. We also shed light on the potential repercussions for schools that overlook their marketing efforts.


Every school's primary mission is (and should be) to impart knowledge to pupils and shape young minds' futures. But where does marketing lie in education? In an era of fierce competition and evolving communities, school's need to embrace effective marketing strategies has become more critical than ever. In this article, we delve into not only the benefits of school marketing but also shed light on the potential costs incurred by schools that neglect this essential aspect of their operations.

Why schools need marketing 

1. Student recruitment and retention

Like any other institution, schools require a consistent influx of pupils to thrive. Marketing becomes the conduit through which schools can showcase their unique strengths, academic achievements, and extracurricular offerings. A compelling marketing strategy can attract prospective students and their parents, creating a positive first impression and fostering a lasting connection with the school. 
2. Competitive edge in the education landscape 

Having a competitive edge is indispensable in regions where multiple schools vie for attention. Marketing allows schools to distinguish themselves, emphasising distinctive teaching methodologies, specialised programs, and state-of-the-art facilities. This differentiation is vital for parents and students when deciding where to pursue education. 
3. Building a positive school image 

The public perception of a school plays a pivotal role in its success. Effective marketing aids in sculpting a positive image, highlighting success stories, community contributions, and the school's overall impact. Schools can mitigate potential negative publicity by strategically managing their narrative and reinforcing a reputation for excellence. 
4. Community engagement and support 

Schools are not isolated entities; they are integral parts of their communities. Marketing facilitates community engagement by keeping parents, local businesses, and community organisations informed and involved. This sense of community support is invaluable in times of need and can enhance the overall school experience for students and their families. 
5. Fundraising success 

Many schools embark on fundraising initiatives for various projects, from improving facilities to supporting extracurricular activities. Marketing plays a vital role in these efforts, creating awareness and garnering support from the community. A well-executed marketing campaign can significantly boost the success of fundraising endeavours. 
6. Effective communication 

Clear and consistent communication is essential for the smooth functioning of any educational institution. Marketing channels, such as newsletters, social media platforms, and school websites, provide effective means of communication with parents, students, and the wider community. Keeping stakeholders informed about school events, achievements, and updates fosters a transparent and supportive environment. 
7. Teacher and staff recruitment 

Talented teachers and staff are the backbone of any successful school. Marketing can be a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining quality educators. By showcasing the school as an appealing workplace with a positive culture, professional development opportunities, and a commitment to staff well-being, schools can strengthen their team and, in turn, enhance the overall educational experience. 

What happens when schools neglect marketing? 

While the benefits of school marketing are evident, the costs of neglecting this aspect of school management can be substantial. 
1. Decline in student enrolment 

Schools risk fading into the background without effective marketing, overshadowed by competitors who actively promote their strengths. A decline in student enrolment can lead to financial strain, jeopardising the overall quality of education provided. 
2. Limited community support 

Schools that neglect marketing miss out on opportunities to engage with parents and the community. This lack of engagement can result in limited support during critical times, such as fundraising efforts or advocacy for educational initiatives. 
3. Negative public perception 

In the absence of proactive communication through marketing channels, schools may struggle to shape their public image. This leaves them vulnerable to negative perceptions either due to misinformation or a lack of awareness about their achievements and contributions.  
4. Reduced competitiveness 

Schools not investing in marketing in a competitive educational landscape may be disadvantaged. The inability to showcase unique offerings and strengths can lead to reduced competitiveness and, ultimately, a diminished standing within the community. 
5. Difficulty in attracting quality staff 

Quality teachers and staff are attracted to schools that value and invest in their employees. Schools without a robust marketing strategy may struggle to attract top-tier talent, leading to challenges in maintaining a high standard of education. 
6. Ineffective fundraising 

Fundraising efforts without proper marketing support may fall short of their goals. Limited awareness and engagement can hinder the success of campaigns, impacting the school's ability to finance essential projects and improvements. 
7. Communication breakdown 

Failure to utilise marketing channels for communication can result in a breakdown of information flow. This may lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and a general lack of cohesion within the school community. 

Types of marketing for schools 

1. Professional website

Your school website serves as the cornerstone of your online presence. Ensure that your website is visually appealing, user-friendly, and informative. Use your website to share important information and updates, showcase pupil work, celebrate success and milestones, and highlight staff contributions. A strong school website establishes better parental engagement, whole-school identity, and an interactive user experience for your school community.
2. Search engine optimisation (SEO) 

Did you know that over 90% of all online experiences begin with a search engine? Optimising your school website for search engines ensures parents and families can easily find your school online. Conduct keyword research to identify terms relevant to your school, especially specific unique attributes like geographical and demographical keywords, and incorporate them into your website's content and headers.  
3. Social media 

Harness the power of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to engage with the community, share updates, and showcase the vibrant life within the school. 
4. Email marketing 

Keep parents and stakeholders informed about important updates, events, and achievements through targeted email campaigns. A good newsletter can make a world of difference in your parental engagement. 
5. Print materials 

Design visually appealing brochures, banners, and posters to distribute within the community, providing tangible reminders of the school's offerings. 
6. Open days 

Host open days and events to allow prospective students and parents to experience the school first-hand. These events can be promoted through various marketing channels. 


In conclusion, while schools' primary mission is education, marketing's importance in the contemporary educational landscape cannot be overstated. From attracting students to fostering community support and building a positive school image, marketing plays a multifaceted role in the success and sustainability of educational institutions. Schools that invest in effective marketing strategies are better positioned to thrive in a competitive environment, ensuring a bright future for both the institution and the students it serves. 

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