Boost Your School Website with Four Visual Media Tips

We've partnered with Edupic, a market-leading multi-media company specialising in photography and videography for schools and trusts across the UK. Katie Whitehouse, their specialist photographer and co-founder, is our guest blogger, sharing insights and top tips on elevating your school website through visual media.

Eye contact - a powerful tool for website imagery 

People respond just as well to social cues in imagery as they do to the cues they see in real life. When you maintain eye contact with someone, it signifies your active engagement in the conversation and serves as an effective method to capture and hold their attention. The same happens within images on a website. You can use eye contact within your imagery to hold the viewer's attention. Many people also consider eye contact as a sign of trustworthiness.

Edupic image 2

Prioritise showing off your outdoor space 

It is no secret that nature benefits both physical and psychological human well­being. Research has found that having green spaces near schools helps children's cognitive development and encourages better self-control behaviours.

With this in mind, prioritising outdoor learning within the photography on your website is highly recommended. Engaging outdoor learning opportunities with any form of greenery or teamwork is a big yes from us!


Highlight strong relationships with teachers and pupils 

We understand that at the very heart of each school are the exceptionally hard-working teachers who nurture our children and continuously strive for a mentally healthy school environment. So why not showcase these special relationships within the imagery on your website?

By showcasing your teachers, this will create an emotional response of trust and put prospective parents, pupils and online viewers at ease.

Another benefit of featuring happy teachers on your website is that you can also utilise these images for recruitment purposes.

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Quality over quantity 

We love this saying, and here’s why. With clever, purposeful imagery, you can achieve so much more than rushing to capture as many different things as possible. When you allocate enough time, you can not only address factors like maintaining tidy classrooms and uniforms but also create an environment where children and students can feel more comfortable, and this comfort is reflected in the images.


Take action for a better school website 

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