Advice & Support

Our team of professionally-qualified and experienced school librarians can provide expert support and advice on all your school library related queries. Our advice and support is completely tailored to your school’s needs. You can sign up to one of our school library subscription packages, which include support hours, or you can contact us to discuss your support needs separately.

Examples of the support we can offer, please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Recommendations of age-appropriate resources to support all current educational initiatives, including the National Curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum and Accelerated Reader
  • Upgrade school library and classroom resources
  • Classification of non-fiction collections
  • Hands-on help with rearranging, updating or tidying your library or book corners
  • Assistance with adding resources to Capita Reading Cloud and Libresoft Librarian library management systems
  • Introduction of staff and pupils to a range of new titles and genres, via book promotional activities
  • Provision of continuous professional development opportunities
  • Teaching of library and information skills
  • Assistance with school library cost management

Education Resources Service Training

We can provide training tailored to your individual school needs, with coaching to help you to run your library effectively, and courses to support literacy teaching. Build essential skills for running your library, through our school library training courses.

  • Develop strategies and skills to run your library effectively, with limited time
  • Make the best use of volunteers and pupil librarians
  • Develop efficient library routines
  • Plan library-based reading activities

We have a variety of training courses throughout the school year, which can be booked directly through our dedicated training website:

CPD Portal