To predict and maximise pupil outcomes, high-quality teacher assessments are key.

Sonar Tracker has been designed to ensure all the right information is available and clearly presented to help validate and accelerate the decision-making process.

Sonar Tracker has a simple system for entering teacher assessments evolved from the tools in the market-leading OTrack and Target Tracker software; this straightforward method uses a Point-In-Time (PITA) approach to deliver a simple, measurable value with a real focus on outcomes.


Teacher workload is widely recognised as a serious concern and Sonar Tracker increases efficiency wherever possible. With a ‘collect once, use may times’ approach, we’ve identified many opportunities to reduce assessment workload pressure. Statutory teacher assessments are threaded through the Sonar Curriculum Objectives. This means your teachers do not need to assess pupils on the same objectives twice and Sonar Tracker makes the process of deciding and recording those statutory measures, rapid and straightforward.

All English national curriculum statutory assessments, including SATs, may be recorded


Sonar Tracker’s latest unique feature has been created for teachers to reduce assessment entry workload and improve data accuracy and consistency.

The new effective assessment feature saves you having to enter summative data for every assessment period if there’s no change and the teacher judgment is the same.


There is little doubt that the quality of information gained from formative assessment is unsurpassed. But the time required from teachers to keep it up to date means the balance of value vs workload can be tough to manage.

Juniper Sonar Curriculum Objectives

Sonar Tracker comes with the trusted Sonar national curriculum objectives built in. Designed to support effective curriculum planning, the framework has been designed by curriculum experts to ensure it covers the breadth of the curriculum while being mindful of teacher workload.

Up-to-date and Flexible

Any DfE changes to statutory frameworks will be reflected in the Sonar Curriculum objectives, meaning you can rest assured you are always up to date.

Sonar Tracker Tests


Tests can be a powerful tool for evaluating progress and validating other assessments. Test recording, in Sonar Tracker, is flexible and designed to suit your specific requirements. Tests are not just scores but have defined ranges to indicate age-related expectations and tests applicable to each child can be easily recorded.


Sonar Tracker is our brand new pupil assessment and progress tracker with teacher-usability at its core. Teachers can drive meaningful interventions that make a difference with powerful insights and analytics. Realising the potential for every child is at the core of Sonar Tracker, raising and answering the right questions when it counts.


We have taken our unique opportunity to review the reporting solutions from all the market-leading pupil trackers in the Juniper family, looking at which are used most and when. Our extensive research has resulted in a new comprehensive suite of reporting tools in Sonar Tracker that have a clear, defined usage and focus at the heart.