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Every teacher knows, improving learning outcomes is an ever-evolving challenge. And when it comes to pupil attainment, you need the best software and support that can inform your decisions and develop along with your teaching strategies.

That’s why we created the new pupil assessment and progress platform, 
Sonar Tracker, to support primary schools just like yours.



Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, not all pupils achieve their maximum potential. Early warning signs can go unnoticed, buried deep in your school’s data. Realising the potential for every child is at the core of Sonar Tracker, raising and answering the right questions when it counts. We know teaching is more than just a job to you, so this is more than just software.

How effective is your school’s pupil progress tracking?

Any pupil assessment tracker should be able to let you quickly and easily understand your assessment information, to present that clearly and to save teachers time recording information. Sonar Tracker offers you much more:

Juniper National Benchmarking

Better inform your development planning

Getting the right insights to the right members of staff is easy with Sonar Tracker. You’ll have access to a comprehensive suite of reports, developed from the best, tried and tested reporting solutions from all the market-leading pupil trackers in the Juniper family. And you'll automatically receive a personalised termly benchmark report comparing your pupil assessments with 6,000 other schools (in the Juniper National Dataset).

Broad opportunities

Model future progress

Easily identify progression opportunities that will have the most impact. With Sonar Tracker you see exactly where teaching focus or extra support would be most beneficial with its unique opportunities feature enabling you to model future progress.

Flexible reporting

Make evidence-based decisions with confidence

With Sonar Tracker's powerful analysis, you have insights you can easily understand not data, reducing workload and saving you time, whatever assessment model you use.

Plus, it's online, accessible from anywhere and really easy to use!


Use the assessment and curriculum model that works for you

Sonar Tracker can either come fully set up ready to go or we can upload your own assessment approach in minutes. You can also use Sonar Tracker alongside our curriculum planning tool, Sonar Curriculum for a fully integrated assessment and curriculum strategy.

Education HR

Get all your staff on board

Implementing a new assessment solution can seem overwhelming but our expert team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you’re set up and ready when you need to be.

From day 1 you’ll have access to dedicated support whenever you need it, whether that be from our support team or via our in-built knowledgebase.


Provide your staff with quality CPD

You’ll be supported by a team of education experts including STA moderators, former headteachers and education advisors to help you make the most of your assessment information and support you with your assessment and curriculum strategy.

Stories of Success

Educational organisations just like yours are already benefiting from Sonar Tracker.

It’s important to avoid the trap of collecting data for the sake of it, just because you feel that you should. Any practice taking place in school needs to have a definable positive impact on the learners. The most useful data is that which can be used multiple times – reporting and tracking, as well as teaching and learning.

Schools and educational establishments hold a wealth of data in a multitude of places. Taking that data to a single repository, with analysis tools that understand how to present it can enable significant impact.

The DfE recommendation is to consider, “What data will be useful and for what purpose, and then collect the minimum amount required.” If it doesn’t add any value to teaching, or give you useful insight, then don’t collect it. Also, the balance between formative and summative assessment recording should be determined by what works for you – there’s no ‘correct’ way of doing it.

Pupil progress and attainment may be measured in several ways and expressed even more. Statutory assessments include descriptions of the learning that is required to achieve a pass grade. This is further described through curriculum content for each year group. An understanding of where a pupil is at within that content is the best measure of attainment. Commonly expressed as ‘Just At’ or ‘Securely At’ the expected standard for that point in time.

Ofsted makes the point that they don’t expect to see anything beyond the data used to support teaching within your school. You have the freedom to collect the information you need in the format that works best for your teachers, SLT and governors. Ofsted states that “Such information should be provided to inspectors in the format that the school would ordinarily use to monitor the progress of pupils in that school.”

Everything in Sonar Tracker is designed to support schools to maximise pupil outcomes and give school leaders the information they need to be in touch with pupil attainment and performance throughout the school. Through this, schools will be able to spot where to deploy their finite resources to deliver the most effective results. And these are exactly the things Ofsted want to see.

The frequency depends on the type of data. Adopting a ‘little and often’ approach to gathering formative assessment will enable a timely impact on learning. Summative assessments will be used less frequently to compare against a standard, typically at the end of a unit or term. Also, consider the level of detail needed. Only collect data that could have an impact, and crucially, collect that data once, then use it many times.

Formative assessment tools, such as those in Sonar Tracker, are designed to enable teachers to gather a wider range and number of learning objective assessments that would be impossible through physical recording. These tools are also far better suited to rapid analysis of the data to inform teaching and learning decisions.

In a primary setting, it is easy for the management of assessment data to become a disproportionate drain on an assessment coordinator who almost certainly has a full-time teaching responsibility. Trying to manage this data in spreadsheets and documents can be a full-time task in itself. A high-quality assessment tracker, such as Sonar Tracker, is designed to support the collection of consistent assessment data and provide clear analysis tools to draw impactful conclusions.

Teacher summative assessments (an overall description of attainment. e.g., Working At Expected in Reading) are essential when making predictions for pupil outcomes and smart deployment of resources to impact those outcomes. Formative assessments (achievements against curriculum objectives) should be used to inform summative judgements and for informing planning for teachers where gaps in learning are identified.

Yes. Although this may take different forms. National data exists for the statutory end of key stage assessments and tools are provided to compare. Juniper Education also offers a Juniper Benchmark for schools. This is an aggregated teacher assessment, created termly, taken from roughly 5000 schools using one of the Juniper Assessment Tracking solutions.

We know that teachers work hard and are always looking to be more efficient and effective; Sonar Tracker helps teachers and schools get the most value from their assessment effort. At its heart, the system encourages assessment to support the teacher, with data for tracking and reporting seamlessly building upon that. Being fully customisable provides you with a solution that perfectly supports your assessment framework.

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