St Mary’s Catholic Primary School's Seamless Transition to Sonar Tracker

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St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Introduction to a New Era

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School recently celebrated a significant milestone in its ongoing pursuit of excellence in educational technology and data management. The school has successfully transitioned from Target Tracker to Sonar Tracker, a state-of-the-art tracking solution by Juniper Education. Headteacher Daniel shares his enthusiastic feedback on the seamless upgrade.

Immediate Benefits and Improved Access

"From the get-go, Sonar Tracker presented itself as a substantial upgrade over our previous system," Daniel remarked, reflecting on the initial switch made at the end of February. He highlighted the ease of access provided by Sonar's cloud-based platform: "It’s definitely a leap forward. It's all online, which simplifies access enormously. You simply log in, and you're ready to go."

The integration with existing systems such as SIMS has also significantly streamlined operations. "We used to handle manual downloads and uploads, which was quite cumbersome. Now, updates occur daily automatically, saving us a significant amount of time and reducing the scope for error," Daniel explained, his satisfaction evident.

From the get-go, Sonar Tracker presented itself as a substantial upgrade over our previous system.
St Marys Catholic School Bicester Logo
Daniel, Headteacher St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Training and Support

Training and support from Juniper Education were pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition. "Within an hour, we had everyone set up and ready. Juniper provided an excellent introductory session and has scheduled further training to help us maximise the use of Sonar Tracker," he added.

Enhanced User Experience

One of the standout features for Daniel was the user-friendly interface of Sonar Tracker. "The system is very easy to use. Staff new to tracking systems and those familiar with Target Tracker alike have found it very approachable. The continuity in language and reporting features has also made the transition smoother than anticipated," Daniel noted.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

Daniel was particularly impressed with the innovative features that Sonar Tracker offers. "Pupil progress data is automatically carried over from each term and half-term, which is a huge benefit and drastically reduces teacher workload. Also, the ability to track age-related scores using more detailed reports adds a layer of depth to our assessments that wasn't as easily achievable before."

The school's staff has also found the demographic filtering tools to be superior in Sonar Tracker, enabling more nuanced reporting and insights. "It’s quicker and allows for multiple filters to be applied simultaneously, which is crucial for our varied and dynamic student demographics," said Daniel.


Concluding his thoughts, Daniel expressed his overall contentment and optimism: "Sonar Tracker has been a resounding success for us. It's user-friendly, feature-rich, and represents a significant improvement over our old system. I can confidently say it’s not just a change but an upgrade."

St Mary’s Bicester Primary School’s experience with Sonar Tracker underlines the potential for educational technology to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of school management systems. Daniel's endorsement of Sonar Tracker is a compelling testament to its capabilities for other schools considering an upgrade or looking for a more robust tracking solution.

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