Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School's Experience with Sonar Tracker and MarvellousMe

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Now part of our Progress and Outcomes solutions for primary schools, Sonar Tracker brings together the experience of our legacy brands to create the ultimate pupil progress tracking and reporting platform.

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MarvellousMe is a user-friendly parental engagement app that simplifies teacher-parent communication. Accessible as our Rewards & Recognition solution and Parental Engagement app. 

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Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School


Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School, led by headteacher Julie Brockerton, has always aimed to provide an exceptional educational experience for its students. With the motto "Aim for the Stars," the school focuses on promoting attendance, manners, appearance, attitude, and academic excellence. In their quest to enhance learning outcomes and improve parent engagement, Jacksdale Primary embraced two innovative solutions from Juniper Education: Sonar Tracker and MarvellousMe

Sonar Tracker's strengths lie in its capability to detail a child's entire academic history, and MarvellousMe has been instrumental in enhancing our parental engagement.
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Julie Brockerton Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School

Challenges and Solutions

1. Assessment and Progress Tracking with Sonar Tracker

Tracking formative assessments and pupil progress efficiently was a primary concern for Jacksdale Primary. They needed a system that could assist subject leaders in identifying trends and patterns requiring CPD and also engage parents in their children's education.


Implementing Sonar Tracker allowed Jacksdale Primary to monitor and track pupil progress efficiently. The system's user-friendly interface and colour-coded reports provided valuable insights for subject leaders and an effective way to communicate pupil progress to parents. As Julie Brockerton notes, “Sonar Tracker's strengths lie in its capability to detail a child's entire academic history, allowing parents to see a clear picture of their child's progress.”

2. Enhancing Parental Engagement with MarvellousMe

Another key focus was increasing parental involvement in the learning process and ensuring positive communication between school and home.


MarvellousMe offered a platform for teachers to share positive news, classroom updates, and individual achievements directly with parents. This system boosted parent engagement, especially in Key Stage 1, and helped foster a positive school community. Julie Brockerton emphasises, “MarvellousMe's user-friendly interface and its focus on positive communication have been instrumental in enhancing our parental engagement.”


Streamlined Assessment Processes

With Sonar Tracker, Jacksdale Primary's staff could effectively manage assessments, reducing workload and improving focus on strategic teaching interventions.

Improved Parent-School Communication

MarvellousMe enabled regular, positive communication between teachers and parents, strengthening the home-school partnership.

Data-driven decision-making

Sonar Tracker’s comprehensive reports allowed the school to make informed decisions about pupil progress and tailor support where needed.

Enhanced Teaching and Learning

The insights gained from Sonar Tracker informed teaching practices, helping elevate the overall education quality at Jacksdale Primary.

Positive Feedback from Staff and Parents

Both teachers and parents have expressed satisfaction with the impact of Sonar Tracker and MarvellousMe on student progress and engagement.


Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School's journey with Sonar Tracker and MarvellousMe highlights the transformative power of embracing technology in education. These tools have simplified processes and played a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience for students, teachers, and parents alike.