Achieving ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Ratings in Both Primary and Secondary Education with Juniper Assessment Trackers and Analytics

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Juniper Education’s Assessment Tracker has proven to be an indispensable tool for educational institutions aiming for ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted ratings. This case study delves into two success stories: Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School and All Hallows Catholic High School. Both schools achieved ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection reports, with special recognition for their ‘quality of assessment’ criteria.

Here, we unpack how the Juniper Assessment Tracker played a significant role in their respective achievements.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School: Crafting Individual Success Stories with Precise Assessment Tracking


Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School earned an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, underlining their commitment to exceptional teaching practices. Juniper’s Sonar Tracker was identified as a cornerstone of their success.

The Juniper Advantage

As the Assessment Lead, Gillian highlighted, “Every half term, we enter our summative data, and that’s how our teacher assessments are based.” This efficient tracking allows teachers to focus on personalised teaching and academic improvement.

Pupil Premium Students

Juniper’s Assessment Tracker has been indispensable for students categorised under the Pupil Premium. Gillian found it easy to “switch the view from mapping pupil progress across the whole school to just seeing the pupil premium children and their respective progress over time.”

Comprehensive Reporting

Gillian emphasised, “What we find really useful is the reports, which take the data and help us construct our story for each pupil rather than just having to look at the raw data ourselves.”

All Hallows Catholic High School: A Foundation for Future Success through Data-Driven Strategies


In March 2023, All Hallows Catholic High School achieved an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating. The school was specifically praised for its robust curriculum and assessment strategies, enabled by Juniper’s Sisra Analytics.

The Juniper Advantage

The school uses Juniper’s Assessment Tracker to guide the creation of data-driven intervention strategies. It offers a platform for crucial conversations about student progress, ensuring plans are precise and tailored.

Quality Assurance

The platform also supports Quality Assurance by providing tools to calculate Progress 8 benchmarks, an essential feature for tracking student progress and identifying areas for intervention.

Sisra Analytics stands out in the realm of educational data, boasting the distinction of utilizing the country’s largest Progress 8 dataset. Over 1,500 secondary schools in England rely on Sisra Analytics for their data needs.

This translates to a vast repository encompassing approximately 1.2 million Key-Stage 4 students, offering an unparalleled standardised Progress 8 score comparison. Such expansive coverage ensures that educational insights derived are both comprehensive and accurate.

Customer Support

The customer service team from Juniper Education significantly contributes to the school’s confidence in using the system, providing rapid and reliable support.

Why Choose Juniper Assessment Trackers and Analytics?

  • Accurate, Detailed Data Collection
  • Quality Assurance Tools
  • Comprehensive Reporting for Tailored Interventions
  • Outstanding Customer Support


Juniper Assessment Trackers and Analytics provide an effective and comprehensive solution for schools aiming to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating. The platform caters to both primary and secondary educational settings, ensuring quality assessment tracking across the board.

For headteachers and education leaders interested in elevating their schools’ curriculum and assessment strategies, it is time to explore the transformational power of the Juniper Assessment Trackers and Analytics. Contact Juniper Education today and take the first step towards ensuring every student reaches their full potential.

Together, let’s shape a brighter future for our students.

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