A comprehensive training and development offering, designed to support school staff in all areas and at all stages of their career.

We recognise that continued staff development is vital to the success of any school, and we are committed to supporting education professionals in improving their practice. Whether you are looking to enhance and broaden your professional knowledge or learn a new skill, we have a wide range of courses to suit you and your staff.


Available Training and CPD Courses

Available courses include:

  • Designated Person for Child Protection Training
  • Early Years and Childcare Training
  • Health and Safety Training (including Asbestos and Legionella Training)
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Safer Recruitment
  • School Assessment Leader (SAL) Training
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) Training
Female Teacher on a Webinar


  • Horizons
  • Sonar Awards
  • Sonar Curriculum
  • Sonar Tracker
  • Sisra
  • Classroom Monitor
  • OTrack
  • Pupil Asset
  • Target Tracker
Juniper App

Mobile Professional Development

Juniper’s Mobile Professional Development Collection includes over 130 staff development courses for education professionals, designed for on-demand, convenient training.

Available offline via the Juniper mobile app or online via the web portal, The Collection is a cost-effective way of ensuring everyone from trainee teachers to school leaders can access expert training all year long.

Professional Development Meetings

Juniper Education Professional Development Meetings for Primary English consists of a collection of staff meetings providing high quality training on the teaching of English in Primary Schools.

They are designed to be delivered in school by a teacher who is experienced in the subject area or, in certain localities, a Juniper Education Teaching and Learning Adviser.

The meetings are relevant for teachers and teaching assistants and will take up to 1½ hours in one long or two shorter sessions. The meetings can be purchased individually or as a collection.

Resource to Support the Teaching of Phonics

This resource bundle includes instructions and templates for more than 50 different activities, ranging from simple listening games to activities that involve different representations of one of the phonemes. Some activities focus on reading and others on spelling. The resources have been widely and successfully used in schools and on training courses.

The resources are divided into three sections: Activities to support the Teaching of Phonological Awareness Skills (phase 1) Activities to support the teaching of one representation of each phoneme and of adjacent consonants (phases 2-4) Activities to support the teaching of alternative representations of phonemes

Resources to Support the Identification of Gaps in Reading, Writing and Maths for Years 1-6

Resources to Support the Identification of Gaps in Reading, Writing and Maths for Years 1-6

Our Resources to Support the Identification of Gaps in Reading, Writing and Maths for Years 1-6 (or ‘Purple Grids’ for short) provide a clear and simple solution to identify quickly gaps in learning. They enable your teachers to focus on accelerating pupils’ learning and are a vital component of your school’s recovery plan.