Target Tracker Link allows schools to share pupil classroom activities with parents. Link is a home-school website dedicated to providing a direct link between schools and parents for quicker, simpler communications about learning observations.

Target Tracker Link


The easy to use Target Tracker Link website compliments both the Target Tracker desktop application and the Target Tracker iOS app.

Using a secure login, parents can view observations on the device of their choice, including desktops, tablets or phones.

Observations can include notes, specific curriculum achievements, photos, and videos enabling parents to see just what their children have been learning.

Once observations have been created, the built-in review process in Target Tracker Link allows you to quality check observations before making them available to parents. Parents receive an automated email to let them know something new is ready for them to look at.

Target Tracker on device


  • View and edit observations
  • Quick and easy to use review process
  • Make multiple observations available at once
  • Reduce workload and the need for additional software
  • Customised view for observations, including displaying a school logo
  • Email notification system
  • Website that’s easily accessible across a range of devices

Target Tracker Link is included as part of your Target Tracker subscription and incurs no additional costs to use.