Sonar Awards

A digital awards platform to reward, celebrate and share achievements, progress, values, and behaviours. Launched in 2020, this has now been replaced by MarvellousMe, forming our Rewards & Recognition solution. 

Sonar Awards

The Story of Sonar Awards

Sonar Awards formed part of the Sonar Suite of Solutions developed by Juniper Education in 2020 and beyond. 

Digital badges were a novel and innovative approach to celebrating and rewarding accomplishments both within and beyond school during the pandemic. Tailored specifically for primary schools, Sonar Awards offered a user-friendly platform for the issuance and receipt of digital badges, ensuring that all pupils were acknowledged for their remarkable daily achievements.   

Main Features and Benefits of Sonar Awards 


Create a paperless certification process whilst increasing student and parental engagement. No more crumpled certificates at the bottom of a book bag!

Recognise and reward non-academic skills such as good behaviour, modelling school values or 100% attendance, as well as attainment and progress.

Membership & association
Use digital badges to verify membership to school clubs and teams, promoting a sense of belonging.

Reward achievement and attainment in education at all levels.

Not just for pupils, digital badges can be awarded to staff for their achievements. 

Joining Juniper 

Back in 2020, Sonar Awards was bought to life by the experts at Juniper Education with one simple goal: to reward pupils, celebrate successes, share achievements, and acknowledge positive behaviours to boost learning outcomes. 


Now part of Juniper Educations suite of Staff Development Solutions for schools & MATs 

Sonar Awards has now been replaced by our market-leading parent engagement tool MarvellousMe.

MarvellousMe doesn’t just match the fantastic features and benefits of Sonar Awards; it takes them as a foundation, has built upon them, and has gone the extra mile to provide our customers with an innovative app-based platform that forms the basis of our Reward and Recognition solution.