Reward, celebrate and share achievements, progress, values and behaviours.

Our digital awards platform is simple and easy to use, making learning more rewarding for everyone. Grow the whole child together with parents, recognising and rewarding not just academic, but also pastoral achievements and positive behaviour.

Read on to find out more or take a look at our latest blog, Learning: it’s not all academic.


What are Digital Badges?

Digital Badges are a flexible and portable way to recognise learning and achievements. They can build a picture of educational experiences that happen in and out of school, as well as provide a way to recognise both formal and informal skills and can sit alongside other pedagogical recognitions.

  • Reward Pupils – Digital Badges and certificates give every pupil the chance to be recognised for the great things they achieve at school. Pupils can be recognised for academic achievements; exemplary behaviour; modelling school values; participating in clubs; attendance; meeting personal targets – the list is endless!
  • Engage Parents & Families – Pupils collect and store their badges in their own secure digital backpack and these can be shared easily, helping to build communication around learning between parent and child and reinforcing the home-school link.
  • Reward your staff – Support the wellbeing and morale of all your staff by recognising them for their hard work. Not just for CPD – Digital Badges can be awarded to acknowledge additional duties, recognise specific skills and to simply show appreciation.
  • Evidence – All Digital Badges are tracked so you can easily see which students/staff have been recognised for their achievements. You can also see which badges have been claimed to support with parental engagement.
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Building digital badges is easy using our intuitive platform. Use one of our ready made badges, customise one of our popular badge templates or get fully creative and build your own badges. Then, simply enter a few details and send your new badge as an engaging reward for pupils.



Whether you are a small primary school, a large MAT or a training provider, issuing badges individually or in bulk is simple and you can get all the staff involved. It’s even possible to set up the system to allow parents/carers to issue badges – which proved extremely popular during the extended periods of home learning recently.



Pupils collect and store badges in their own secure digital backpack. Typically, at primary age, these are looked after by parents which is a really effective way to engage families and share in the celebration of their child’s

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