Reward, celebrate and share achievements, progress, values and behaviours.

Our digital awards platform is simple and easy to use, making learning more rewarding for everyone. Grow the Whole-Child together with parents, recognising and rewarding academic and pastoral achievements and positive behaviour.



Building digital badges is easy using our intuitive platform. Simply enter the details and upload an image of your choice to create an engaging reward for pupils.



Whether you are a small primary school, a large MAT or a training provider, issuing badges individually or in bulk is simple. Soon this will be an automated process thanks to powerful integration tools.



Pupils store badges in their own secure digital backpack. These can be easily verified and then shared. Digital badges can sit alongside traditional qualifications and accreditations.

What are Digital Badges?

Digital Badges are a flexible and portable way to recognise learning and achievements. They can build a picture of educational experiences that happen in and out of school and provide a way to recognise both formal and informal skills and sit alongside other traditional qualifications and accreditations.

Digital badges are easy to award, store and share, both within school and outside, to increase staff, student and parental engagement.

Recognise and reward non-academic skills such as good behaviour, modelling school values or 100% attendance, attainment and progress.

Use digital badges to verify membership to school clubs and teams, promoting a sense of belonging.

Reward achievement and attainment in education at all levels.

Not just for pupils, digital badges can be awarded to staff for their achievements and CPD.

“Our digital awards give all children the chance to be recognised for the great things they achieve every day, rather than the same few pupils gaining awards.”
Callum Martin
Teacher and Rewards Lead, Sir Thomas Wharton Academy
Ant bullying week badges

FREE anti-bullying week badges!

Kindness is more important today than it has ever been and so this year’s theme for Anti-Bullying Week is ‘One Kind Word’.

To help you celebrate and reward kindness, we’ve created a set of inspiring digital badges for your children which are FREE to issue.

To award a badge, simply visit the online form via the button below. You can choose the badge you award and the child you would like to award it to. These badges will be available up until Christmas to help you continue to celebrate kindness, beyond Anti-Bullying Week which runs from 15th – 19th November.

Simple and it’s totally free!

Sonar Awards Digital Backpack Powered by Certify


We have a new approach – we’re combining our brand-new Sonar Tracker and embedding it with a brilliantly designed curriculum framework, Sonar Curriculum, and linked mechanisms for sharing pupil’s learning progress with parents, automatically – Sonar Awards.

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