Appraisals and teacher performance management processes don’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Sisra Observe helps you carry them out quickly and easily, and creates a full record of all the information you need. Align outcomes with personal, departmental and organisational goals, create an open and reflective culture, and support your most precious resource – your staff.

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Improve teacher practice with open dialogue

Performance management for teachers is reflective and based around goals and professional dialogue. Sisra Observe enables those vital conversations to be held without fear of judgement, and in a way that doesn’t add to busy staff workloads. Individual profiles on the cloud-based platform allow all staff members to access their personal and professional development journeys, feedback, and instructional coaching, and take ownership of their progression.

Make teacher appraisals a core part of professional development

Performance management can often feel like it works against teachers, but Sisra Observe can make it work with them instead, by enabling a friendlier, more flexible process:

Bespoke objectives

Bespoke objectives

Align objectives and goals at personal, departmental and organisational levels, and easily see progress towards them.

A flexible approach

A flexible approach

Optimise existing processes with flexible templates that give you complete autonomy in structuring teacher appraisals and performance reviews.

record the data you need

Record the data you need

Keep a record of lesson observations, feedback, reviews and coaching in one place, and in a format that’s easy to understand.

Professional development

Gauge the impact of professional development in line with appraisal and performance reviews, and how your efforts are influencing the quality of education.

The importance of personal and professional development

Did you know that 63% of senior leaders and 53% of school teachers have considered leaving the education sector in the past two years? This trend underlines just how important continuing professional development for teachers is in today’s education landscape. Our free guide explores how it can help with teacher retention, and benefit teachers, pupils and schools alike.

Professional development guide

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Want to find out more?

If you need more information on creating efficient, compliant teacher appraisals, our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

A teacher appraisal helps teachers acquire and maintain all the skills and support they need, in terms of both personal and professional development. It should also include time and space for self-reflection, so that they can play an active role in their own growth.


As part of efforts to maintain quality of education, the DfE has published a model appraisal policy that focuses on three main areas: observation of classroom practice and other responsibilities, feedback, and evidence. This is a solid foundation upon which teacher appraisals can be based.


Perfecting how to appraise staff is about their feelings as much as their development. They should feel comfortable enough to be positive about the process, appreciate the opportunity to develop, and feel able to welcome and take on board constructive feedback.


Written reports are now required to accompany every teacher appraisal. These reports should consider the assessment of performance against defined objectives, any training and development needs, and should also consider pay progression if necessary.


Put teacher appraisals and performance reviews at the core of your success

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