Make your all-important quality assurance efficient, effective and full of insights with Sisra Observe.

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Informing your school improvement plan

Monitor teaching and develop a school improvement plan without long admin processes and excessive paperwork, and use bespoke templates and quick reports to easily identify outstanding staff, track their progress and inform learning journeys.

When teachers improve, your school improves, too

School performance management is vital but can be difficult and time-consuming to get right. Sisra Observe makes the whole process easier, more flexible and more intuitive to the individual needs of your school and staff:

Lesson observations

Lesson observations

insights can be recorded and put in the context of personal and organisational targets.

Learning walks

Learning walks
and drop-ins

Carry out quick checks and/or gather detailed qualitative information to inform CPD and school improvement plans.

Coaching and feedback

Coaching and feedback

A professional dialogue can support quality of education, continuous professional development, and the recording and sharing of information

Work scrutiny

Work scrutiny
and book looks

Undertake work or book scrutiny aligned to Ofsted assessment criteria as part of the quality of teaching and learning process

Flexible reporting

Flexible reporting

Align your review process and school performance management plan to easily understand which areas require the most attention.

The importance of personal and professional development

Did you know that 63% of senior leaders and 53% of school teachers have considered leaving the education sector in the past two years? This trend underlines just how important continuing professional development for teachers is in today’s education landscape. Our free guide explores how it can help with teacher retention, and benefit teachers, pupils and schools alike.

Professional development guide

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If you need more information on quality assurance and school improvement plans, our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

Quality assurance is how education provision is reviewed, so that high standards of quality and efficiency are maintained. It will typically include internal and external evaluation of teachers and school leaders, alongside assessment of students.

A quality assurance plan puts QA efforts in the context of a desired target, and sets out the way to reach that target. It can include a combination of reviews, feedback and testing, alongside documents and charts that measure progress.

A school development plan (SDP) coordinates the priorities of a school and the main outcomes it’s aiming to achieve. It details the measures that should be put in place in the pursuit of those outcomes, and the resources that should be devoted to it.

A good school development plan should be centred around Ofsted’s four principal inspection categories, so that outcomes can be placed in the context of measured school performance. The categories are: quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, and leadership and management.

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