Professional development and CPD can benefit your staff, your pupils and your school as a whole – providing you can engage staff and highlight the positive impact of their growth. Sisra Observe makes it easy to create a culture of continuous learning, improvement and reflection without the burden of paperwork.

Attract and retain talent with personal and professional development that works

Sisra Observe can help your school develop a professional learning and reflection culture for all staff members, free of time-consuming paperwork. Staff can be empowered to take ownership of their personal and professional development, and get impactful insights aligned to their goals, and the goals of the school.

Supporting continuous professional development for every teacher

No longer does CPD have to feel like a burden that teachers could do without. With Sisra Observe, it can compliment their existing work and become a positive, constructive process:

Collaboration and network

Collaboration and network

Encourage a school-wide learning network based on organisational, departmental, and personal collaboration, including the ability to explore shared knowledge and insights.

Measure impact

Set your goals and quantify developmental progress at individual staff, department and organisational levels.

Teacher retention

Support better teacher retention

Enable continuous professional dialogue with staff, and give them opportunities to improve their skills and job satisfaction.

Bespoke templates

Bespoke templates

Utilise our example templates or implement your existing processes in digital form, and streamline your admin tasks with simple and editable templates so that more time can be spent on strategy.

The importance of personal and professional development

Did you know that 63% of senior leaders and 53% of school teachers have considered leaving the education sector in the past two years? This trend underlines just how important continuing professional development for teachers is in today’s education landscape. Our free guide explores how it can help with teacher retention, and benefit teachers, pupils and schools alike.

Professional development guide

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If you need more information on the importance of professional development and  CPD, our FAQs will be able to answer any questions you have.

There are many ways of participating in professional development. These can include lesson observations, research, mentoring, training, teacher performance management and other similar measures. More specifically, continuous professional development (CPD) is how teachers improve their understanding of education delivery, honing their skill sets, and meeting changing student needs.


Whether a newcomer to the profession or a veteran with years of experience, professional development for teachers is important. It enables staff to hone existing skills, pick up new ones, or explore qualifications that help them keep their knowledge up-to-date.


Continuing professional development is a way of helping teachers constantly update their skill sets, progress their careers and ensure a quality of education. It includes general guidance for teaching and learning approaches, and subject-specific support for individual teachers, on an ongoing basis so that the quality of teaching the school provides can be maintained.


CPD is hugely beneficial as a part of wider teacher performance management. It can help support better pupils outcomes, and help teachers develop better skills that can encourage them to further their careers.


Planning continuing professional development for teachers doesn’t have to be complicated. A good plan will encompass assessment, identification, planning, evaluation and measurement, and be tailored to the needs of individual staff members.


Make continuing professional development an asset to your school

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